Saskatchewan Thread 2015


Happy new year!

It’s a new year and we got a lot of new fighters to look forward to soon. Hopefully this year and be the start of bigger and better things for the sask scene.


I wish the last time FGC was at its peak in saskatoon, not sure about Regina was 2 years ago in 2013 with a mere 10-15 people


So I have a venue.

With Mortal Kombat coming out, I’m wondering what attendance would be like if we hosted a tournament with stream. MK/USF4/Marvel/???

10 dollar venue fee.

proceeds don’t go to the greasy matrix who don’t give anything back to the community, and we’ll have a functional stream.

need to know weekends people are available in late may.


This is in Regina, of course.


I’d come out for Marvel (and any anime game you would run, like Xrd or UNIEL).


Xrd or Uniel would get me over there.


I would at least try my best to get the weekend/day off work, if a date gets made.


Any Canadian MKX players, add me on PSN (merlando306) to get some games in.

I will also be streaming a lot of my play which can be found at


Does anyone here play USF4 for the 360 or PS4.