Saskatoon Battle

If there is any 3rd Strike players Email me at Im the best 3rd player in the city so if anyone wants to battle look me up. I have a small number of other dudes who play this game to so make sure to contact me if your interested in mixing it up once in awhile.

T7 Is Coming!

Aren’t you a Live Regular?

ps. T7 is coming.

Haha, Rik, :lol:

Guys, he’s right. He owned me earlier today with Q. MUTHA FUKIN Q! Nigga’s tight. But he ruined 3S for me.

WTF isT7?

I owned Rik. Good thing I didn’t stay long enough to SK to own him some more.

Your name wouldn’t happen to be Jay would it?

Rik has his moments, but he’s beatable. It’s just that he plays the game 24/7.

I’m a rapist.

Rik stop beasting ppl online

Saskatoon? I didnt know anything existed there other than cows and grass.

but then again, i’m an idiot.

Yeah, and the few players that do play 3S here are in desparate want/need of live competition. What if I were to start a tournament with a prize of $50 and no entrance fee. Would anyone come? :lol:

Okay let’s give this another shot. The few and proud that do game here in Saskatoon want more competition! Anyone on this forum in Saskatoon (or near enough) even remotely interested in fighting games, listen up! I’m planning a tournament (date undecided, obviously depends on interest). The entry fee is $5, and depending on the outcome, the winner gets the entire pot, or 80%, with the other 20% going to second place. I’ll sacrifice my house for the occasion, however, there’ll be a huge 50" to game on.

I’m undecided on what games will be played. Again, depends on interest. I got a PM from someone interested a long time ago, so I know there’s a few stragglers out there. Now’s your damn chance to liven up the sad ass scene here in Saskatoon!

I’ll come.

Come to Manitoba on August 19-20 for our new Summerslam tournament with 3S, T5, SSBM, and SC3 if you want some close competition. There’s gonna be teams and singles tournament and I think we’re also providing food to the competitors. Dunno…for more info just go to the web site

Feel free to use the new slang going around, the word is called “Johnsons”.

Hm, isn’t Winnipeg like an 8 hour drive from Saskatoon :wasted:

Calgary’s closer … but still …

uh i might b there on monday, for the day… if u want we can play some money matches…

How good are you? I’m personally interested, but I have a friend who I know is interested too. If you’re serious, we can set-up a time and place. Get confirmation if you’re serious =)

For anyone still interested, I’ve decided the Fight Night is a go. It will be held next Saturday August 5th. It’s $5 entry with winner taking pot. Games are CvS2 and 3S (it’s $5 each game, so $10 if you enter both). There’ll be a big 50" to play on. Email me at if you’re interested to reserve your spot on the bracket.

I’ll move this thread up once more, as Sonic said we are in need of some new blood into the mix. Hopfully we might even go as far as getting some money matches one day. Im nemyus online by the way for anyone wondering…also dont forget to email me incase your interested. We plan to have this thing on Sat so dont forget to get in touch with either me or Sonic if u wanna help build a scene.

Oh by the way, I was being owned by justin and randy that day to so its not that u where good but more to due with some rust i was dealing with…cause remember the second week i was winning rounds and matches…jsut took me sometime to adujst to the offline timing heh. So come by when u can for a rematch…and see if u know anyone else who might be interested as well.

Oh fuck, Justin and Randy. Fucken BEASTS I tell ya.