Sasmasta's Avatar Request Thread: FULL


With my computer up and running, I’d like to get back into Photoshop by making some avatars. If you don’t know who I am, I used to make avatars here and there on SRK. I’m not the best, but not the worst [in my opinion]. However, I’m going to have to lay down some rules this time around.

-I will be only taking 3 avatar requests at a time. After those three are done, I’ll open the list again and you can post for your spot. I will not be backtracking to see who is next in line. After [x] set is done, I’ll post, you post and I’ll put you on the list [assuming I even get that much business].
-Be specific of what you want. Provide links to pictures, sprites, videos, etc. What colors, what font, placement. The more specific you are, the better for us both.
-Don’t expect your avatar the same day. I don’t think I can be pumping out avatars like I used to back in the day. But that’s not a bad thing. Maybe that means you’ll get more quality out of my works. Wishful thinking.
-You get ONE revision. ONE. Which means if you don’t like how something turned out, I will fix ONE thing on it for you so make it count. I can’t be making revisions all the time nowadays. I’ve gotten older. I’ve gotten less patient.
-Avatars only. You want sigs, banners, posters, stick art, etc, you’re in the wrong thread.
-Wear the avatar for at least a month before asking me to make you a new one. Or you can ask someone else. It’s all good.
-And that’s it for now. I’m sure something else will come along in which case, this will be updated. Holla.


  1. Yummy
  2. iRockTheVote
  3. thehurricane



First request!

Would you be able to take this GIF and the loop the part where she does the peace sign? Animate Dr. W in there somewhere if you could.


Good to see you back, it’ll be nice having a new av request thread:tup:


I would like an av with this pic. My Initials on it please.


Wow the king is back…


Damn man that’s awesome! No complaints here. Thanks a lot! :tup:


Hey there.

Was wondering if I could get a non-premium sized avatar using this image; (Was wondering if you’d be able to fit in all three of them, from the waist up?)

All I ask for is my name “Yummy” somewhere, and it to be non-animated.

You can choose whatever colors / fonts you think looks best.



Hey, I’d have a request if you may.
Looking for an avatar with a Zombie M. Bison, eating E.Honda’s brains, that says “Can you taste the Chanko?”, or “Hungry for Chanko?” and if it fits my username iRockTheVote. Possible Bison holding something. Possible Zombie Bison drawing.
Zombie Font | Zombie font for the "Can you taste the chanko?"
Bison Font Bison font for 'iRockTheVote" Possible Honda bending over position.

I’m not very artistic so it’s hard for me to input what I’d like it to look like, but the basic gist of a zombie Bison eating Honda’s brains (Rival player from here, and best friend is a Honda) with that quote would be perfect, preferably not animated either. All art in it can be up for interpretation, I just tried to help with those links above :smiley:



Sas is making av’s again? O:

It’s not even shark week.


Thanks, Sas.

I’d actually like to use that one revision you spoke about, though.

Would it be possible to get a closer take of all the characters?

They seem a little small …

Only if it’s possible though.





This is a momentous occasion. I must bring back my Sasmasta av.

I’ve actually been wanting to get back into av making again too. :wonder:

Remember, kiddies: if you request an avatar, be as specific as possible!


Thanks for the sig.


Any possible for a Megaman avatar??? With this picture please??? Thanks if u could…


Ayo, what’s up? I been away from Photoshopping for a bit but I’ll try to get back into it. I’ll revise the list later on, but Yummy will get first reworks before I move on.

When that will be is up in the air though. I’ll try to have something going sometime today.*

Also, big ups to the fam in this thread.

*EDIT: Alright, I’m not going to lie. I’ll TRY to have the avatars done within a week. Life. It’s calling.


No one deserves a Sasmasta av. NO ONE.


So this died haha :smiley: