[Sat.Dec.10 – Toronto] TosfHQ Presents: Battle of Kings! Winter Warfare – Grand Finals


A Total of 47 Teams for UMVC3 and 39 for SSFIV:AE Have competed to be the top.

The Qualifiers have been completed and the main cast is set!

**Ultimate Marvel VS Capcom **

Team Rush Hour 1 – [A&C]RDK / [YRSF]white_r
Team Let’s Get it Kraken - [YRSF]NickCam / [YRSF]Chaos2D
Team Rush Hour 2 – Quandizzle / Darkdragon
Team Arcade Mode High Score – Dangeresque / Alvin
Team Rebelo – Rebelo / Joker
Team SpiralTrite – Spiral Guy / Mr. Trite

Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition

Team Getty - [YRSF]Blitzman / Spiral Guy
Team Roxbury – Italdan / Aerials
Team YRYF - [YRSF] Chaos2D / Davero
Team London – Moon / Hobo_Joe
Team STC – Mr. Trite / Ehai
Team Vaughan – LED / Traninho

The venue will have some stations open for casuals.
Since most players who qualified will be coming in around 4PM, we will be hosting a small singles tournament for UMVC3 & SSFIV:AE. There is no tournament fee and prizes will be awarded to the top placers.

HotPot Lounge: 1300 Finch Ave.
Keele & Finch
We have decided to venture outside of HQ for the grand finals as the new venue will accommodate more people and of course, alcohol
There is a $10 fee for everyone entering the venue (orded by the owner)

Round Robin.
2/3 matches. In the event of a Tie, the teams will run another 2/3 set

1:00PM - 5:00PM - Registration for the singles will end at 2 and the games will start right after.
5:00PM – SSFIV: AE Round Robin begins
UMVC3 will start right after. Estimated time: 7:00PM

There may be a chance that this event may be streamed. Keep your fingeres crossed as an update will be provided soon.

GDLK Special Appearance

GDLK Apparel will be at the Grand Finals with a new line: TOSFHQ GDLK Special Edition Hoody
To celebrate the Battle of the kings tournament Final, GDLK and TOSFHQ join forces to bring you this special edition zip up hoody. Also available in T-shirts. Hoodies and tshirts will be avaible on site while quatities last. Hooies $40 and Tshirts $25


1st – 2 Dual modded TVC sticks (Ps3/Ps2/PC), 2 NHL fleece hoody pullovers
2nd – 2 sets of XBL points cards (4200 per player)
3rd – Choice of 2 TE Plexi covers or 1 Wolverine/SSFIV Ken t-shirt

1st 2 NHL fleece hoody pullovers and a Choice of 2 Nokia Bluetooth headset or 1 Hori Fighting Commander Pro Pad, 1 SFIV Anniversary Pad
2nd 2 sets of XBL points cards (4200 per player)
3rd - Choice of 2 TE Plexi covers or 1 Wolverine/SSFIV Ken t-shirt

Special thanks to TTT and DarkDeath for the logo & great trailer.

Theres a singles tourney as well?? which game?

AE & marvel matt
If People need to reach me, you can call 647-887-4972

Results up: