[Sat, June 14th, 2014] *69 Fighting Games Series Tournament Austin, TX Area (USFIV, UMvC3, KI, ST)


Tournament Games include: Ultra SFIV, Killer Instinct, Ultimate Marvel Vs. Capcom 3 and Super Street Fighter II Turbo.

Please Join the Facebook page for this Event at:

$5 Venue Fee*. $10 per tournament.

Prize Allocation
If < 20 entries:
1st - 70% of Entry Fees
2nd - 20% of Entry Fees
3rd - 10% of Entry Fees

If > 20 entries:
1st - 60% of Entry Fees
2nd - 30% of Entry Fees
3rd - 10% of Entry Fees

*Venue Fee waived if you bring equipment. Contact Rob “Katsu” Nava if you plan to bring equipment.

All tournaments will be double elimination, best of 3 games sets for everything but the Loser’s, Winner’s, and Grand Finals which will be best of 5 games sets.

Location: CraigO’s Round Rock, 661 Louis Henna Blvd Suite 450, Round Rock, Texas 78664
When: Saturday, June 14th, 2014.

11:00am - Setup
12:00pm - Singups Begin (All Signups Close 15 min before tourney start)
1:00pm - UMvC 3 Tournament Begins
2:00pm - Ultra SFIV Tournament Begins
3:00pm - Super SF2 Turbo Tournament Begins
4:00pm - Killer Instinct Tournamanet Begins

Tournaments will be run down to the Top 8 players. The Top 8 players will then play their matches on the “Main Stage” where their matches will be recorded and commentated on. The resulting video will be uploaded to YouTube. Unfortunately, while the venue has Free WiFi, the upstream bandwidth is extremely limited and will not allow for a good live stream. Note that the Top 8 players’ final games might be re-ordered as time permits. In other words, we will likely hold the USFIV Top 8 until the very end.

Casuals will be allowed up until the tournament starts. We will try to have two setups for all games except ST, which will only have one.

Volunteer Staff and Equipment are still being accepted. Please see the following documents.
Volunteer Staff Information: http://bit.ly/s69staff
Equipment Signups: http://bit.ly/s69equip

Come out and enjoy a day of Fighting Games, Pizza and Beer!


I can commentate on KI, if you still need someone. I can’t be there until after 2pm, but can be there.


Awesome, man. That would be great. 2pm should be fine for commentating. See you tomorrow!