Satsui no Hadou ni Mezameta Ryu: Evil Ryu Combo Thread



its not entirely bad to waste the 4 bars to get a guaranteed stun, that will probably to happen in the corner. Focus lvl 3, dash cancel, fj. HK. If you keep yourself crouched after you land the opponent will crossup in the last moment. If E.R. stands up the opponent wont crossup. If you wait a bit and then crouch, or crouch wait a bit and then stand up, you will get the opponent confused on to wich side to block. If you land another full combo after the one that stunned the opponent the round is almost won. If you manage to reset the combo and the opponent is cornered, you still have a lot of options to reset the second combo aswell.


Well after thinking about it, I think wasting the meter is worth it after all even on 950(and below) stun characters. A combo this beefy should almost certainly put your opponent in the corner and Evil Ryu has corner set ups against the entire cast. Landing a unblockable or fake cross up will leave almost every character with 10-15% health left at best.


Imo, that one is to difficult to rely on. I don’t really ever say that, either. You also don’t really want to stun them in one combo. You do a combo like that, they’ll be waiting on that reset. Ideally you want to get them almost to a stun, and then reset or finish you combo. With the damage eryu does, at that point, if you get the stun at the start of a combo or off a normal, they’re finished. They have 300-400 health left, they’re stunned, and you’ve got 2+ meters cuz you didn’t blow your load in one 450 dmg combo(can hope you get that, but can’t count on it). Jump in on them and finish it with a normal lk fadc combo.

Still a cool combo, for sure…and if you can do it, hit seth or sim with it to show off lol. Doing one rep of it before a reset would also be really good. I just think hitting that second c.lp after the dash is asking a bit much. Way to easy to drop.


How come no one uses, to hit confirm? I just started messing with it and it’s pretty sick. I guess it might be to fast for some people, but the has a lot of hit stun and cancelable frames, so as long as you’re not trying to hit confirm into a fireball, it’s not as bad as it looks. DP is easiest, but hk tatsu is about the same since you’re close enough for the knee to hit, which will also force stand on people crouching. Damage isn’t great, but the block string is really nice. The block stun is a lot different than frame trapping off c.lp or Can frame trap off, once those stop working. Changes the timing they need to tech a lot.


I have asked myself the same question and made an effort to use it in matches, but it’s really difficult to react to hitting with it. Also, you can’t so much from it other than Hadoken or Shoryuken, neither of which is safe at the range of close LK.

It’s kinda good if you confirm from a jump-in and don’t want to attempt to use Cl. MP or Cr. LP link into Cl. HP, or you just want the low hit from the cr. LK. Even then, I usually do cr. LK chain into cr. LP because it is safe. Although you have a point with the tech timing. By the time the Cl. LK comes out, you’ll have had time to confirm it has hit and cancel, stop, or go for a tick throw.

Personally, I find it difficult to use, but hey, for the tick throw timing alone it might be worth a look.


I might just be fast, but I doubt it. You should be able to just hit them meaty with,, and that should be enough time to hit confirm. It’s kind of like hit confirming c.lp, c.lp, hp dp, except you can cancel the so you can do tatsu as well as dp.

It’s not good off a jump in. Lot’s of times you get pushed back and far lk comes out instead of…I should edit that post, but I’m pretty sure you all knew I was talking about


Hah, I guess that’s the problem - jump-ins have too much pushback. I suppose doing meaty Cr. LK is the way to go then. (Makes a note for the lab later) :slight_smile:


there are many better options to hitconfirm with E.Ryu than, . Thats why people doesnt use it to hitconfirm., is more for when you are OSing.


…and what do you do when they don’t backdash or block and your OS hits?

You’re right, though. There are better options. This game is all about options. The more options you use and successfully convert into combos, the more confused people get. I’m not surprised a bit that I don’t see people use it all the time…just surprised that I never see it. It’s good in situations, and I could see it being a good noob hit confirm…better than using ryu combos.


Went to the lab today and tried different scenarios with cr. LK, cr. LK, st. LK.

  • Point-blank, on wakeup: successfully get the close st. LK like 60% of the time.
  • Jump-in HK: far LK comes out
  • Crossup LK/MK: far LK comes out
  • Meaty Dive Kick: close LK comes out

Meh, it seems iffy.


3 lks is character specific. Need to use 2.


hadoken. But I guess thats not the best option if the opponent is stading, its just that I almost never use the U2 so I dont use that OS too much, when I use it I go for the basic stuffs.


I need to practice my OS’s. Tatsu and Shoryu aren’t going to cut it in every matchup.

Hence, using Cr. LK, Cr. LP -> whatever is just better overall. :slight_smile:


You can connect different specials after the That’s the difference. Never suggested, was better. Just useful.


Just realized that Close HP xx M Stomp, Cr. MP xx L Tatsu does not seem to work on Blanka. In an online game, it failed, so I went to the lab and sure enough, Blanka is too skinny. The Tatsu whiffs. :frowning:

The good news is that Cr. LP xx Tatsu works.


It never works on blanka or rufus.


Is c.MP, s.HP character specific? I never can seem to land that against Hakan, even right next to him. c.LP, s.HP is always 100%.

If this is character specific, is Akuma similar with the same setup?


I have also had no success connecting that link on Hakan as a Far HP comes out. It seems to be character-specific, but only misses on a select few characters, and it’s more distance-lenient on some than others.


Rufus specific combo (done by Sakonoko)

anything into mk axekick cr.lp cr.hp mk axekick s.lp xx whatever


I just saw that to, it kind of blew my mind. Probably a 1 frame character specific link like his st. jab into sweep against a handful of characters.

Did some testing, it’s not a infinite. The next loop when you try to do a cr. Jab, it will whiff. Best damage you can do is connect a st. Jab into light tatsu and SRK. 444 damage and 760 stun.