Satsui no Hadou ni Mezameta Ryu: Evil Ryu Combo Thread



Just saw that and rushed here, srk never disappoints.

He also did whiff, jump hk after an ex tatsu knockdown in the corner (no followup). Haitani (playing rufus lol) avoided with ex messiah but it looks like his usual fake crossup shenanings. I’m particularly interested in his followup to that if the opponent doesn’t quick rise.

Jesus christ…random galactic tornado is punished with s.lp, xx lk axe kick, fadc, xx mk axe kick, new combo of doom. Who cares about 1 frame links


That’s not new. It’s a good combo, though.


Not new? When was it first discovered then? Watching Sako use it is the first time I’ve ever seen it.


Is anyone else just absolutely thrilled that Sako is playing E.Ryu? I think Ibuki has pretty much been explored more or less completely, insofar as the tools and technology which ultimately determine where a character falls on the tier list relative to the rest of the cast. On the other hand, I think it’s fairly safe to say that E.Ryu’s best-kept secrets remain as-of-yet undiscovered–and I *really *don’t think E.Ryu’s current placement on the tier list is anywhere near an accurate assessment of the character’s true potential. Whether he ultimately remains a low-tier character remains to be seen, obviously, but I think it’s fairly safe to say that we don’t have nearly enough information to classify him with any kind of certainty as the character is understood now.

Guys like Naruo have done a commendable job of basically inventing all of E.Ryu’s current technology and deserve all the credit in the world for what they’ve done for the character thus far, but if anyone out there has the capability of truly pushing E.Ryu to his absolute limits (in terms of what the mechanics of E.Ryu’s design will allow), it’s Sako. Maybe I’m setting myself up for the biggest disappointment in the history of anyone who’s ever played AE 2012 (other than maybe Juri mains who thought she was secret top-tier), but I feel like if Sako actually sticks with E.Ryu for the long haul, that it could very well be the most significant moment that completely revolutionizes the way we view a character since Poongko picked up Seth. Of course, now we all know that Vanilla Seth was an absolute monster, but very few people knew it at the time until Poongko stepped up and started putting Seth through the paces and showing at least a glimpse of the latent greatness the character possessed.

Maybe I’m completely wrong and E.Ryu won’t ever have that dramatic leap, but I remain cautiously optimistic. Even if he doesn’t, what’s the worst that could happen? We get to watch a bunch of awesome footage of Sako using a really cool character the way only Sako can. And that doesn’t sound half-bad, either.


I wasn’t talking about the Rufus combo.


lucky developers, they almost made an infinity. I tried that on blanka too to see if his weirdo hitboxes were like rufus’s ones but they werent.




All the technology I know for Evil Ryu I learned with the guys in this forum, I never saw anything done by Naruo that I wasnt aware.


Got tired of Ryu walking like a snail and Akuma having too little stun for my mistakes and his shoryu dropping people. Evil Ryu it is. Thus far, I love it. The most surprising piece of goodness is the far roundhouse. That one frame shorter startup makes it feel incredibly snappy. So good.


never noticed that, I had to check the framedata now, to see it by myself.


ER has a lot of nice stuff here and there. People just focus so much on crying over the being different and the sweep being crap that they tend to miss the good stuff. Another example of a surprising piece of goodness is the stand short hitbox which extends a lot farther backwards than with normal Ryu. Feels like it could come in handy, though not sure if it’s practical.


Geesh, must you take every opportunity to call people out on this forum for asking for those buffs. We get it already, how about you just add your crying about our crying to your tag and call it a day.


Nah, it’s fine. The things are irritating. I use the awkwardness to become more aware of spacing, so it’s good for me for now ^^


Both HK are basically the same but if I had to take one Id take Ryu’s, its the same for antiairing and its better for the keep away game against characters like zangief.


By the way, I think they added taht extra frame of recover to avoid certain setups.


On ER’s far roundhouse? What kinds of nastiness are you thinking about?


No one especifically, I think they did it to avoid any setup because I see no other reason for that :stuck_out_tongue: My bet is that its something related with the axekick.


My theory is it’s Capcom. Remember original roundhouse hitbox? Hell, AE hitboxes in general.




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