Satsui no Hadou ni Mezameta Ryu: Evil Ryu Combo Thread



mk.DS combo only after HP :frowning:


I’d bet that Evil Ryu is still going to want meter there for his “srk FADC Ultra I” combo, along with some ex fireballs, just like Ryu.


mk.DS also combos from close standing mp


oh can combo into after conterhit

#25, st.hp, mk DS,, lk tatsu, hp shoryuken

I wonder if you could extend that a bit without FADCing, and how much you could get out of the combo if you DID FADC…

Later in the video one of the announcers say you can do cr. mp into hk DS into cr. mp into lk tatsu- can you? Even if they were wrong, and its mk DS, can you do that to extend the combo somehow? Even if the second cr. mp pushed you too far away for an lk tatsu, you could cancel into a hadouken and fadc, right?


quick tips:

Kara throw is far HP. Excellent range. Not quite Ken but definitely above-average.

If you’re perfect, every combo from a jump in can have a close HP in it.

any non-crossup or crossup including divekick-> cr.LP link to close HP (then MK axe, etc.)

If you’re not good at the link to close HP, close MP still combos to MK axe as well.

After a MK axe kick, cr.LP is an easy link. cr.MP gives max damage but it doesn’t amount to much in the end, so nailing this link is important.

After a focus crumple, you can land fully charged Ultra 1 on MOST characters. Dhalsim and Dan fall too fast, I’m certain there’s more.

You can use F+MK to corpse hop, as well as create ambiguous ‘ground’ crossups.

Use MP shoryu for combos to ultra 1. more damage on the first hit.


It’s also fairly easy to link a st.fp after a fireball FADC (ex. xx fireball FADC st.fp), which leads to his nutty BnB that not only does tremendous damage, but builds a lot of meter back. Considering how good his fireball is, I can see a lot of his spare meter going to this.


I see alot of people talking about “DS” in the combos. I assume this means Axe Kick? If so, why is it being called DS?

#29 > cl.hp > mk.DS > xx lk tatsu > hp shoryu wont work on Blanka, link mk.DS with cr.lp instead of


Good tips, Thx a lot.
I trying to do HP mk.DS in every combo for maximize damage if i hit. Should i do it every time in blockstrings? it not save from reversals but can be good frame trap.
Also it cant be hit conformed (for me)(cr.lp st.HP so on)(just 2 hits before special move) thats why i want always do mk.DS after st.HP. Is this a good idea? if i will use two lp for hit conform st.HP will come in far version.
More general question. In what situation i should use standard blockstring( or combo if it hits) cl.lp cr.lp and when i should use cl.lp st.hp ?


Seriously, every single post today is old info. Read the thread!


What are you guys using for a hard meterless punish?

I’m using hp-kick overhead Medium-light shoryuken.

Whats his bnb if someone is crouching? I’m doing crlpx2-crmp-hadouken.

i need more dmg off of his bnb.

Whats his bnb if they are standing?


st.fp xx mk DS, cr.LP, fireball FADC, st.fp xx mk DS,, lk tatsu, fp uppercut (421 dmg/ 675 stun, 450 dmg/about 770 stun with j.rh starter)

I used mk DS, cr.lp instead of because the mp seems to push them too far back.

Obviously, you can opt for EX fireball or EX uppercut for a bit more damage, but this seems optimal for the meter usage.

The cool thing is that you’re burning 2 bars, but the entire combo generates almost a bar and a half (with j.rh starter, it’s a bar and a half even). Seems pretty efficient, although the difference in damage from the regular BnB isn’t massive.


Also, counter hit mk DS links into st.fp. Seems inconsistent on standing characters, but very consistent on crouchers. Have to test this more.


^ I would think it’d be something along the lines of
st.hp > mk.ds > xx lk tatsu > SRK

I’m not sure if you could extend that by cancelling the into another mk.ds, into another…


You can only combo into the DS off a heavy move, so if you wanted to keep it going you’d probably have to FADC a fireball and go back into it with ST HP.

One thing that hasn’t been mentioned here is that cl.HP force stands. Making any links with it into LK tatsu work 100%.


i love me some force standing moves i just figured it out myself in pmode :slight_smile:


Jump in :hp:, cr :mp:, st :hp: XX DS, cr :mp: XX :lk: Tatsu, :hp: DP - 427 hp / 695 stun

No meter. Wow.


If you’re ballsy about scoring a counter hit you can do CH cr.HP xx EX Shaku, U1. They can’t punish the fireball but they can hit you with a jab/invincible move before the fireball comes out if cr.HP is blocked. This is anywhere on the screen by the way.


EX fireball, FADC, dash forward, Ultra 1.

Possible right up close, or even around full-screen if you dash up behind the EX fireball twice.