Satsui no Hadou ni Mezameta Ryu: Evil Ryu Combo Thread



Haven’t seen these posted yet.
Works on makoto, vega, c. Viper, adon, and T. Hawk

  1. Mk. Axe kick, cr. lp, st. Lp, cr. rh

Works on abel
2. Mk. Axe kick cl. Lp, st. Lp, st. Lp, cr. rh

Works on guile, Dudley, and Cody
3. Mk. Axe kick, st. Lp, st. Lp, cr. rh


I did this earlier to a Dudley while he was crouching,

cr. MK > LK Axe kick > FADC > cs.MP > MK Axe kick > cl.MK > HK Tatsu

the damage/stun was very nice and I have been starting all my metered combos with cr.MK/fs.MP > LK axe kick instead of fireball

Is there a list of characters this will work on? So far I know it doesn’t work on Guile and Cammy.


theres a list somewhere in here (e.r.'s forum). It works against all shotos, the cl.MK doesnt connects against Abel and Seth when they’re crouched, but it connects when they are standing. Its better you look for that list, someone listed all the working and non-working characters.


Ah, I know it works on Ibuki as well. I couldn’t find the list. I’ll keep looking but thanks for the info I didn’t know it worked on all shotos.


Hey all,

Just a couple questions. Is everything in the first post applicable/optimum?

I’ve been doing>cr.lp> xx lk.tatsu > hp.srk as a bnb. Working good, but what should I do when I catch a character crouching? Considering this whiffs on crouchers.

Also my punish with meter is xx hadoken FADC cr.hp xx mk.axe kick > cr.lp xx tatsu > hp.srk. Is that the standard?


For crouchers I use cr.LK > cr.LP > fs.MP > LK Axe (184 damage 320 stun)

You can also try cr.LK > cr.LP > HP SRK (but this is dangerous if they are too far away} (178 damage 260 stun)

For punishes starting with cr.MK I use

Cr.MK > LK Axe kick > FADC > cl.MP > MK axe kick > cr.MP > LK tatsu > HP SRK/cr.LP/cr.MP

I was using the cr.MK > Fireball starter at first but then I realized that the cr.HP would whiff too often, I still use the cr.MK > Fireball when I know for a fact I’m going to be close enough to follow up with cr.HP > MK Axe or cr.MP > cs.HP > MK Axe kick (if they are cornered)

To answer your question on the standard combo yes but replace cr.LP with cr.MP for more damage/stun




another info on that subject: after the MK Axe Kick, cl.MK xx LK Axe Kick, the opponent cant dodge the karathrow simply walking back like when they eat a LK Axe Kick while standing. That gives Evil Ryu a good oportunity to frame trap.


rufus in the corner. god damn sako

j.HK > cl.HP > MK axe kick > cr.LP > cr.HP > MK axe kick > s.LP > s.MP > LK axe kick > FADC > cr.LP > cl.HP > MK axe kick > cr.LP > cr.HP >MK axe kick > s.LP > s.MP > LK axe kick > FADC > cl.MP > MK axe kick > cr.LP > cr.HP > MK axe kick > cr. LP > LK tatsu > LP shoryu > stun > j.HK > cl.HP > MK axe kick > cr.LP > cr.HP > MK axe kick > s.LP > s.MP > EX fireball > U2


Hi guys, I’m trying to make a statistic regarding combos (all characters) and I need a little help. I need 2 combos per character:

  • Best BnB combo
  • Best punish combo
    It doesn’t matter how many bars uses, but it must work midscreen, on at least half the cast, at least standing, and it should be practical. No jump in/counterhit/Ultra/Super. Thank you


Here are some basic common combos for Evil Ryu. These should be the best combos to use in ideal situations, so I won’t be mentioning every combo out there.

Basic punish
cl. HP, MK axe kick, cr. MP, LK tatsu, HP SRK: 373 damage, 388 if started with cr. MP, 479 with Ultra

Long hit confirm

cr. LK, cr. LP, cr. MP, LK tatsu, SRK: 243 damage(requires standing opponent)
cr. LK, cr. LP, st. MP, LK axe kick: 188 damage

FADC combos

cr. LK, cr. LP, st. MP, LK axe kick, FADC, cl. MP, MK axe kick. cr. MP, LK tatsu, HP SRK: 343 damage(332 damage when done with cr. LP, cl. HP after FADC)
cl. HP, MK axe kick, cr. mp, hado, FADC, cr. HP, MK axe kick, cr. MP, LK tatsu, HP SRK: 441 damage
cl. HP, LK axe kick, FADC, cl. MP, cr. MP, LK tatsu, HP SRK: 447 damage((448 damage when done with cr. LP, cl. HP after FADC)



Missing the mk axekick between and, but otherwise, yeah that combo works.


what do you guys tend to do on crouchers after a long hit confirm when you’re going for the kill?
I know the hitconfirm bnb is cr.lp and usually I do fireball fadc cr.hp lk tatsu hp srk.
But it fails at longer ranges (and I’m still not used to the ranges)
so is it better to go to fireball fadc hp srk?


I usually tend to go for: cr. lk, cr. lp, st. mp xx lk. Axe kick FADC, cr. lp, st. Hp xx mk. Axe kick, cr. mp xx lk. Tatsu, hp. Shoryuken


Doesn’t whiff on crouchers?


Not really. All I can think of is vs. Ken…, His head reals back from the and whiffs.


Didn’t work on Blanka for me.


Recently picked up Evil Ryu.
Love his heavy damage conversion off of lights… I feel as though the mix up between, front/behind high or empty low after forward throw is incredibly strong.

Any word as to improvements Evil Ryu will see in the upcoming patch?


Only one that I’d consider confirmed is the light kick tatsu reaching further, as can be seen in the USF4 announcement trailer.

There were a number of suggestions that Capcom US sent Capcom JP. The following is a list of some of them that Combofiend and Haunts discussed in a Challenge Capcom episode:

Lower hit box on F+MK
Improved cr. HK (possible recovery or start up changes)
Cr. MK better on block
LK Tatsu (Hurricane Kick) goes further on start up
Looking toward better recovery on Axe Kicks
Better Ultra 2