Satsui no Hadou ni Mezameta Ryu: Evil Ryu Combo Thread



The only confirmed buff is LK tatsu either traveling further or having a expanded hit box. I took a very close look at the video and between the two I believe it’s the former. Besides that was one of the suggestions by Combofiend that he sent in to the dev team.

This is actually a pretty decent buff for Evil Ryu the more I thought about it. This may mean we can hit confirm into LK tatsu against the whole cast now after MK axe kick instead of having to commit to it and then eating a big punishment for dropping our link. I’ve been practicing MK axe kick, cr. LP, st. MP, HK tatsu in preparation for the same combo except it ends with LK tatsu so you can juggle into SRK for more damage. The combo also does a bit more damage and stun. So for a standard punish combo that starts with a cl. HP it’s 382 damage and 540 stun compared to 373/535.

I think the buff was mainly so that MK axe kick, cr. MP, LK tatsu works on the entire cast. But hopefully the combo I’m talking about works on the entire cast because that would be the best thing to come out of this buff IMO.


Im pretty sure the buff was meant to help evil ryu hitconfirming his small combos better, then ones with multiple pokes followed by a c.MP or s;MP canceled into LK tatsu, in 2012 you can do that against certain chars like feilong and makoto, and it really helps. Against the most of the chars you cant even do c.LK, c.LP, c.MP xx LK tatsu unless you are at point blank and do a meaty c.LK

I think they didnt did that to ensure that the bnb would work against the whole cast because they surely saw the video I did, it shows that a minimal change would to fix that with no side effect at all.


If that were the case, then doesn’t Akuma deserve the same buff since they’re in the same boat when it comes to this? Well it helps so I’m all for it.




the needs to be a counter-hit




I have some good combos/mixups even counter hit stuff in my vid. Check it out.


not gonna lie, seeing an E.Ryu player punish so many mashed DPs with, cr.jab, xx whatever …makes me weep.
gimme dat damage brah


hi every one !
How To Combo with Evil Ryu


godlike bro!


Do these both get you the same setups overall? I have been using the second one because the stun output is considerably higher

  1. cr.MP > cs.HP > MK Ryusokyaku > cr.MP > LK Tatsu > HP SRK > FADC > HK Ryusokyaku
  2. cr.MP > cs.HP > MK Ryusokyaku > cr. LP > fs.MP > LK Ryusokyaku > FADC > cs.MP > HK Ryusokyaku





Can we get a combo breakdown from this video? Went to training mode and only achieved the combo twice out of three hundred something tries.


Which combo? The ones he did on Rufus (cr.LP > cr.HP follow up to MK Ryusokyaku) and Gen (cr.LP > fs.LP > cr.HK) only work on Rufus and Gen.

Everything else is just a bunch of one frame links, some are unplinkable but Sako is using a Hori stick which he maps select, so he’s technically doing minimum 2 frame links at all times.


The s.lp combo only works on the Chinese characters (Gen, Yun, Yang, Chun) and Ibuki. It doesn’t work on Rufus (I believe)


They are character specific is what I meant

Youre right you can’t fs.LP > sweep Rufus


I know some of the combos were character specific but I’m asking the main combos, like or cl.hp to mk ake kick, cr.lp, light ake kick and so on. I play on pad
And stick and found out ready on pad


I know Essex said yes but that’s not necessarily the case from my experience when it comes to corner set ups. Hitting a airborne opponent with HK axe kick have given me different results against certain characters, but not all. I don’t have detailed results for everybody but from what I can remember, the unblockable against Seth in the corner after DP, FADC, HK axe kick, double dash doesn’t work off a cl. MP, HK axe kick, double dash.

I’ve also had mixed results against Guy using the hop kick, EX tatsu, MK axe kick. The set up after that is forward dash into cr. MK. But I’ve had versions where it’s a fake cross up with the other allowing your opponent to block regardless of which direction they hold the stick in. DG said that it has to do with the height at which you hit your opponent. And I guess the same applies to what you’re asking about with hitting the HK axe kick against grounded or airborne opponents.

First off I’m guessing you meant to say cr. MP at the beginning of the combo, just wanted to get that out of the way. As for the combo, it works against the entire cast. Not the best damage he can do, maybe you can surprise your opponent with a throw if he’s expecting you to throw out a normal. It’s also great for FADC combos(as the Sako video showed) if you can hit your 1 frame links consistently.


I just want to do it for the sake of accomplishing it. On pad, one frame links seems easy depending on the character. Guile or other characters feel like two frames but evil ryu feels like a true heavy one frame link. Also have an idea of how to input the buttons for a arcade stick to plink select or back?