Satsui no Hadou ni Mezameta Ryu: Evil Ryu Combo Thread



I just saw this post after some time w/o paying attention to this thread and I need to complement it now:

In the last months I started looking for safer ways to do E.R’s stuffs, in order to play on-line and to adapt better at tournaments with weirdo tvs and video games (PS3). Then I saw the REAL reason Sako does 2 hits after the MK AK. He does it for safeness. If you do a c.LP, c(s).MP xx LK tatsu, you wont get an empty tatsu if you drop the link after the AK, you will be ok unless you are really bad at hit-confirming, and if you do the c(s)MP too early you will get a chainned jab and no tatsu at all. Its 2x safer than canceling the first move after the AK into tatsu.

I had the opportunity to meet Sako personally a few days ago here in Brazil and that was the very first question I asked him, and he confirmed it to me. Once the devs are going to make the LK tatsu to travel further, they are not only improving his combo potential, they are improving E.Ryu’s safeness as well. The guys may do some mistakes some times but they really knows the game quite deeply.


Yep thats it, the height. I just turned public some videos in my channel in youtube, there are 2 unblockables against Makoto, one with sweep and the other with double dash. The different setups are needed due Makoto’s height in the air when the HK AK hits her.


Just saying, but I noticed this first lol. I mentioned it multiple times when the buff was first shown in the USF4 trailer. It’s also in my post which is the last one in the previous page. While cr. LP into st. MP is still a 1f link, it’s a easier one frame link then MK axe kick into cr. MP since it’s more of a rhythm combo rather than a timing combo. But yeah it really helps out with avoiding those empty tatsu’s that can cause you to eat a big punish. My reactions are slow so I always throw out the st. MP after dropping the cr. LP, but at least I can stop myself from throwing the tatsu because I can recognized that I dropped the combo already.

As for Sako, I noticed that he has chosen safeness over max damage for a while now. Against characters without the hit confirm he’s always going for the jab link instead which is a 2 framer that he can plink on his Hori stick. Against another character(can’t remember) I saw him do AK, cr. LP, cr. LK, tatsu. If he can use a hit confirm, he will. If not then he almost always goes for the jab link over the strong link.


One other thing I noticed from the Sako video. He was landing a juggled EX tatsu fully hit and he ended it with a MK axe kick. This reminded me that Both Abel and Dhalsim can be hit by 2 full EX tatsu’s in the corner with the 2nd knocking them really high into the air. And with that extra time you can land MK axe kick for extra damage, stun, and hard knockdown.

The same combos won’t work against both guys because of their hit boxes but here are a couple of examples to go by.

Against Sim
j. HK, cl. HP, EX tatsu, EX tatsu, MK axe kick 488 damage 760 stun
j. HK, cl. HP, MK axe kick, cr. LP, EX tatsu, EX tatsu, MK axe kick 492 damage 775 stun

Against Abel
j. HK, cr. HP, EX tatsu, EX tatsu, MK axe kick 478 damage 760 stun
j. HK cl. HP, MK axe kick, cl. MK, EX tatsu, EX tatsu, MK axe kick 528 damage 810 stun


So it’s you who took a money match against Sako? Congratz!


yep it was me. Sadly I never played against Gen in my whole life :p. Won his Ibuki in the mm and in the finals but lost to his Gen in the next matches.


btw, I didnt won the set in the MM, I only won the first fight, then he picked Gen and won the set.


@DeathGun, at least you got to play the Execution God himself, Pretty Sako. I would love to pay against him, the money wouldn’t matter, just the opportunity would be enough for me.


id love to play a longer set with him, with no counterpicking, Id like to see how well my Evil Ryu could really be against his Ibuki and against his own Evil Ryu.


Not good, if it’s a ft10 or something like that. I think with elite players like Sako for instance, the longer the set, the harder it will be to beat them once they figure out your flowchart. For instance the Abel player that he did the ft5 with, can’t remember his name at the moment, he did really well the first three games but then Sako figured him out and won the set from there. I think you would probably go 3-5 or 2-5 against his Ibuki in a ft5, your Evil Sako is really good.


I think id do better than that against Ibuki, but we will never know


Maybe, but you got to remember that Ibuki is probably the best character in the game. The only reason why no would consider her the best because no one plays her at maximum potential other than Sako. You need Sako-like execution to make her effective. She has the best vortex, great pokes/footsies, anti-airs, high damage/stun, great high/low/left/right mixups, a great super that does mad chip damage from any range and can pretty punish you anywhere on screen. She’s the only character in the game that forces you to block every possible direction at once, meaning if you guess wrong the match will be over extremely quick. The only thing that’s holding her back is she’s the most execution heavy character in the game, low health/stun and weak reversals.


It’s so annoying, I find it match easier to connect after MK AK than cr.lp. No explanation for it.
Add my training partner is Rufus t.t


If you’re plinking low strong… then yeah, it probably does feel easier, because it is lol


main thing to think about is

  1. plinking mp allows you to be 1 frame early + frame perfect where jabs must be frame perfect + 1 frame late. Both are 2 framers but if your used to plinking you may have a tendency to link early.
  2. if you plink all your links (minus 3 framers) the muscle memory may fuck with you when you dont plink
  3. learn to double tap the jab with a visual/audio que and its way easier. im practicing mk axe kick cr lp, st mp xx lk axe fadc kick and it is getting easier after practicing the double tap which i never use.


its not easier, its the same timming (2f) but you have to perform the plink correctly. With the c.jab you dont have to worry about the execution of the plink, its just about pressing one button.


i agree its the same timing 2 frames total…

but am i wrong with this example?

2 frame link must be hit on frame 2 [earliest + frame 3 is latest]
1 frame link must be hit on frame 2 [frame perfect]

cr lp [no plink/no double tap - 2 frame link]
frame 1 = miss
frame 2 = hit
frame 3 = hit

cr mp [1 framer - plink early]
frame 1 = hit
frame 2 = hit
frame 3 = miss

cr mp [1 framer - plink perfect]
frame 1 = miss
frame 2 = hit
frame 3 = miss

cr lp [2 framer double tap - frame early]
frame 1= initial press [miss]
frame 2 = release [doesent count miss]
frame 3 = second press hit [counts] - hit
frame 4 = release [miss]

cr lp [2 framer double tap - 2 frames early]
frame 0 = initial press [miss]
frame 1 = release [doesent count miss]
frame 2 = second press hit [counts]
frame 3 = release [miss]

cr lp [2 framer double tap - frames perfect]
frame 0 = nothing
frame 1 = nothing
frame 2 = hit [ connects]
frame 3 = release [miss]

cr lp [2 framer double tap - 1 frame late]
frame 0 = nothing
frame 1 = nothing
frame 2 = nothing
frame 3 = hit

i may have fucked it up but if I didnt mis-transcribe…
**1 framers plinked have the same leniency as 2 framers unplinked although plinking is better if you hit it early, not plinking is the same if you hit it late [2 frames]
if it is a 2 frame link double tapping ideal as you can make it a 4 frame link if your perfect
if you plink 2 framers it can be a 3 frame link **

i know your way way better with e ryu/sf4v than me but im standing my ground on this one

the main point is plinking allows you to hit the link 1 frame early so that may be why you feel its harder to not plink, but then just double tap 2 framers and plink 1 framers


Plinking in terms of inputs just makes 1 frame links become 2 frame links because the way it looks in the input command it adds an extra line. So it extends it i guess making it more like a 2 frame link than a 1 frame link. I have no idea about the rest of the stuff you’re talking about lol.


I actually do double tap, but I’m not used to it yet, and not sure how effective is it.
need to experiment more


Your text seems correct, but I wasn’t referring to that. My point is that you may to miss the plink’s input. Its when you presses MP and LP at the same time. If you do it 1 frame earlier, nothing comes out for both the wrong Plink and the LP, if you presses the command 1 frame later, the wrong Plink wont connect but the LP will. Thats why I still consider the Plink a bit harder than the LP alone.