Satsui no Hadou ni Mezameta Ryu: Evil Ryu Combo Thread



Don’t see this one posted in FADC combos:

Cl. HP xx MK Ryusokyaku FADC, Cr. MP, Cl. HP xx MK Ryusokyaku, Cr. MP xx LK Tatsu, HP Shoryuken - 452 damage, 710 stun

You can link into this via St. LP, Cr. LP, or Cr. MP, but damage will be lower. If you start with Cr. MP, you get only 447 damage.


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Nice, that blue text on a blue and red background though haha


It seems that for me lk axe kick fadc is way more reliable than cr.lp s.hp (as Sako does).
Still need to work on my mk axe kick cr.lp (i try to double tap it)


the only time you need cr lp, cl fp is if your opponent is crouching after your lk axe kick otherwise go for the cl mp as its 2 1 framers (one is unplinkable except with stick rewireing) vs 1 1 framer


Even that isn’t necessary. You can still end the combo in a light axe kick or SRK. You lose out on max damage, but the damage from something like cr. MK, LK axe kick, FADC, cl. MP, MK Axe kick, SRK is still very good at 368. If trying to link a SRK after the MK axe kick feels weird(it does for me), then you can always do a cr. LP into SRK instead or cr. LP, st. MP, LK axe kick if you’re afraid of dropping the link.


Fool, its all about max damage! lol.

I agree though i was thinking about using the xx lk axe cl mp mk axe cr lp st mp xx lk axe as my standing combo as well as you can walk forward cara throw after {kara throw no walk if you can do the cr mk one}. No reason to overdo combo difficulty unless the combos are reliable and easy to you


I found some good combo with the glitch HK


based EsseX


On some crouching characters (Ryu/Ken/Evil Ryu off the top of my head) you can do st.MK xx SRK after MK axe kick to still have an easy link but get a bit of extra damage.


Found these awhile back.
Works on el fuerte:
Cl. Mp xx mk. Axe kick, cr. lk, st. Lp, cr. rh

Works on guy:
Cl. Mp xx mk. Axe kick, cr. lp, st. Lp, cr. rh



Not a single new idea or discovery.


maybe everyone’s anticipating Ultra Street Fighter 4. We have no information on a game that was announced almost 8 months ago.


I was more referring to the most recent video posted here. I’d understand if there was at least one novel element in it. (If not some new material, then at least some noticeable effort put into its creation.) But it almost looks like a parody of a combo video.

Call me a douche-bag non-creative critic. But if the poster is asking interested parties to spend a few minutes on it, it could at least have one worthwhile thing. Maybe I’m missing something?


Evil Ryu swag combo

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Try & beat my Damage on Seth in My Evil Ryu CMV.


Am sure that this must have been writen by someone before

As sako showed,cr HK connects in a Ryusokyaku(MK) combo followed by cr LK,st LP(rapid canceled in the first available frame) to:

  1. Ibuki
  2. Gen(both stances)
  3. Yun
  4. Chun Li
  5. Yang
    *6) El Fuerte

*Only to cl MP[opponent standing)xxRyusokyaku(MK),cr LK,st LP,cr HK

I tryed a variation of the above.I replaced cr LK,to cr LP.Then i continued normally with st LP(rapid canceled to the first avaiilable frame),cr HK
It can be used to:

  1. Gen(both stances)
  2. Dee Jay
  3. Cody
  4. Adon
  5. Claw
  6. T Hawk

The above is with cl MP(opponent standing)xxRyusokyaku(MK),cr LP,st LP(rapid canceled on the firts available frame),cr HK.
If u delay the st LP a bit,sometimes cr HK randomly connects to Honda as well(and to some more,that its not worth to remember since it happens randomly)

Now for cl HPxxRyusokyaku(MK)cr LP,st LP(rapid canceled on the first available frame),cr HK:

  1. Gen(both stances)
  2. Dee Jay
  3. Cody
  4. Adon

*If u delay st LP a bit(perhaps on the 2nd or 3rd available frame),cr HK connects to claw too

And finally, cr HPxxRyusokyaku(MK),cr LP,st LP(rapid canceled on the first available frame),cr HK works to:

  1. Gen(both stances)
  2. Dee Jay
  3. Cody
  4. Adon

I would suggest for more consistency on landing st LP after cr LP,to use double tap.

If first post could be updated,it could be so helpfull.


U rock man,nice job;)
Btw one thing dude,cl MK connects to Abel and Seth after cr HP too.If i m mistaked correct me,but i was trying the other day,that why i am saying this =) Keep it up :smiley:


Something that i noticed.If u FADC forward after Tatsumaki(MK/HK) on a standing opponent(i know that it forces stand) cr MP doesnt connect,while cr LP/cl MP does,so it means that its +3.

If u try that on a CROUCHING opponent(that tatsu will make him stand),cr MP connects.Which it means that u are +4.
I think that is usefull if u want to go for the untechable knockdown of sako’s cr LK/cr LP,st LP cr HK,to Claw,El Fuerte,Hawk


Was talking to EsseX about this stuff, might upload it or he might, IDK!.

Reset Type > It’s basically a killer. Crazy if someone does it in a real match.

Cr.Mp > St.Hp > M.Axe > Cr.Lk > St.Lp > St.Mk > Cr.Mk > L.Axe > FADC > St.Mp, St.Lp or Cr.Lp > St.Hp > M.Axe > Cr.Lk > St.Lp > Cr.Mk > L.Tatsu > SRK. (Yun , Yang, Makoto , & Ibuki)

Crazy links i found.

Gouken is probably harder than Rufus combo. (Standing) Cr.Lp > Cr.Mp > Cr.Lp > Cr.Hp > M.Axe etc. That Cr.Hp after Lp is just bananas. So, tough to do. That combo is the same On Cody but you have to do a Hk jump-in 1st. Been Trying to get a double Axe Kick in without meter, I almost got it, Still Trying!.

I you can sweep all shoto’s after a Hk Jump-in. Make sure you do the HK above the head, so. as soon as you jump-in do your HK a few frames before you actually reach his head. Basically like Akuma’s Demon Flip i guess.

Jump-in HK > Cr.Lp > (St.Lp (3x) Or (4x)
Then a Sweep
Or Cr.Mk
Or you can link a St.Hp , St.Mk.

Sweeps on characters without meter on them Standing.
(They’re crouching.)

  • Balrog > Cr.Lk > St.Lp > Sweep

  • Hakan > Jump-n Dive Kick > Cr.Lk > Cr.Lp > St.Lp > St.Lp > Another St.Lp (maybe). Sweep

  • Sagat > Jump-in Dive kick or HK. Cr.Lk > Cr.Lp > St.Lp (Sweep, Cr.Mk, St.Hp).

  • Medium Axe Kick

Abel Only! - F+Mp > St.Lp > L.SRK > M.Axe , Ultra1 , SrK , Ex or Hrd Tatsu.

Will edit if I’ve made mistakes!. Share if you can.

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