Satsui no Hadou ni Mezameta Ryu: Evil Ryu Combo Thread



Thanks for sharing


Bit of a noob question. I saw some combos you guys posted above and from watching sako. I kinda get that some links are character specific, but was wondering why are they even possible? For example, the cr lp to cr hk, from the frame data it looks like it shouldn’t connect. I think the cr lp is +5 and the startup of the cr hk is 7. If it’s not too much trouble, could someone explain how that works? Is it because of character size, or is there a different stun time for each character?

If it’s been ask, my bad. I’ll keep looking, I just haven’t seen it.


I think it has something with the hitboxes causing the hits to hit meatier than usual. Meatier hits have greater frame advantage so…


Ah okay. I didn’t know that affected things, I thought that the frame properties would still be unchanged. I thought meaties were only moves that were time to hit at a specific frame. Thanks Gefen!


In meaty it can mean that the hit hit in its later active frames.


Thanks. I should look into that more, it never made sense to me why people do meaties after knockdown. I thought it’d still be unsafe if they have srk. Thanks for the clarification.


Most of them might still be (depending on how quick the reversal is). But if the opponent decided not to block or reversal (or backdash in some cases) some bigger combos are possible out of this (Dudley can do stuff like f.hp into s.rh or even with perfect meaty)


The definition of a meaty attack is an attack that is active on an opponents wake up frames. The forces them to block or use an invincible attack and also gives you more frame advantage. There are even some situations where a meaty attack can be safely used against certain characters. Like, do a meaty vs. Rufus. He can’t do anything about it. If he does ex messiah, you recover in time to block it. Meaty beats Rogs headbutt.


can someone please tell me how sako hitconfirms crmk to fireball fadc so well? i spent hours in the practice room and have a hard time fadcing on hit with random block on, I cant even imagine being 100% successful in a match. is there some kind of a weird option select involved? theres no way his reactions are quick enough to know the difference between a block and hit in that small window.
matter of fact its not even the most bizarre part, I’ve NEVER seen sako end a frame trap/block string with an axe kick, as an example - he does a crhp as a frame trap (after crmp/crlk) and converts it into an axe kick only when it lands and does a fireball if it gets blocked. how the hell does he do it?


One way is to do the motion and on the last moment just decide which button to use (which is why he is one of the SF gods…)

About the haduken fadc, I think it is more of a footsie tool. He throws it just outside of range and buffer the haduen. The only way will hit is if they will walk forward into it (or try and send a limb), which means they aren’t blocking.


No. It’s definitely a hit confirm. I don’t know if it’s just part of the game I’m good at or understand it better than other people, but this stuff is pretty easy for me. Best advice I can give is to learn to recognize the first frame of contact. You can see whether they were hit or blocked on that first frame, and that’s the one you want to look at, so you have the most time to decide what to do. I’ve also noticed that there are things I just cannot hit confirm in training mode with random block, but I can hit confirm in a match where I’m more focused. xx ex fireball, ultra 2 is like this for me. I can’t do it in training mode to save my life, but during a match I almost never FADC the ex fireball when they block. I really think the difference is just that I see that first frame. I know if I hit them or not before the fireball even comes out. If I do a reactions test online, I get like 140ms. Just slightly above average. Pretty positive it’s something anyone can do.

Edit: Also, for the, c.hp xx fireball/axe kick…That’s most likely exactly what he’s doing. The same motion will give you fireball or axe kick depending if you hit punch or kick, so he’s just picking the button on the confirm. You can also do stuff like a jump in to…do the axe kick motion and hit hk if the jump attack hit, and mk if it didn’t. You get a hard knockdown or safe block string.


I always tell people I don’t play Evil Ryu “the right way” because I can’t do this consistently enough. My reactions are terrible and I can’t reliably confirm one low forward before committing to burning 2 bars for a FADC combo. I’ve practiced this many times in training mode and in endless against friends or randoms and my rate of succession is like maybe 20-30% at best. It’s like “Oh hey, it hit. Wait, now I’m suppose to FADC this for more damage. Damn, I did this too slow and cl. HP got blocked :(”.

This is why I was pushing for LK axe kick to be a safer on block(-4). Me and everybody’s mom can confirm that easily. The sacrifice is that we would have to hit a 1f link to continue the combo(excluding mashing DP which works brilliantly though I might add). But even though my execution isn’t that great either, I’d rather rely on that then cr. MK > hado which I may never be able to do reliably.


Oh that right, you defiantly should just do into haduken always, and fadc by reaction to the hitting.


I really don’t think it’s about reaction speed. I mean, obviously if you’re super slow, have some handicap or something, you could be to slow, but I doubt it. I really think you’re just going about it wrong. It’s about giving yourself the most time possible to react. Don’t watch for the characters head to reel back…watch where you’re hitting them. That’s where you see it first.


Its not working at all man, I took your advice, and started reaction cancelling the crmk to hado in matches and ended up wasting 2 bars around 40% of the time. If i get super cautious, by the time i realize its a hit and cancel, i’d end up not connecting the subsequent move like what rice eater says. I honestly have no idea how you do it, maybe some people really do have naturally better reactions, in which case it sucks for me.

And Im not even going to start on the crhpxxhado/axekick, I input the movement and should be pressing the button a lot more quicker than the leeway my reactions give me (i press so late, I run out of cancel frames). but then again When i cant even do the crmk hado consistently, i shouldnt even be thinking about facing the final boss of reactions lol.


The other method is to do it just outside the range, that way it ether connect and you always go for the cancel or whiff and you do nothing.


the problem with whiffing evil ryu’s crmk too much just outside of the oponents hitbox and using it as a gameplan is it being dead slow and even mediocre players would whiff punish pretty easily. It’d be a viable technique if its as fast as ryu’s or akuma’s crmk.


So you’re confirming correctly 6 out of 10 times? That’s not bad. It really isn’t. It’s not like anyone is going to hit confirm 100%. Keep practicing. I can confirm xx hado, fadc 100% in training mode, but in a match? no way. 8 out of ten…maybe? If that. I might even be with you at 6 out of 10 for a lot of stuff. Although I usually end up not using meter when I hit rather than using it when I don’t.

Keep watching the animations. I really don’t think it’s about raw reaction speed. It’s about recognizing what happened as quickly as possible. I’ve always been able to hit confirm easy stuff well, because the person that taught me how to play said it was hella important. I practiced it like mad. That was like, c.lp, c.lp, hit confirms though. I couldn’t do xx hado, fadc. One day it was like a switch flipped and I could. The difference was when I saw the hit. My reactions didn’t get faster. Now I stick it out there and as soon as it touches them I know if it hit or not. I’m just looking for the hit sooner, which gives me more time to react now. I mean, look at the scores for some of those reaction tests. The difference between the best and the worst is like 1ms. If you’re 1ms slower than me, you just need to see what happened 1ms faster, then we’re the same. You know what I mean? Do everything possible to give yourself the time to react. That’s the point I’m trying to get across. Like, even for AA and stuff. Don’t watch for them to be way up in the air before you think about doing a dp. Watch for their feet to leave the ground. You know they jumped as soon as they’re in the air.


A lot of it eventually comes to having your muscle memory react without the need for you to analyze it first.


The other part that scares me from attempting it is having to adjust for the different ranges and if my opponent is crouching. Too far away for cl. or cr. HP, have to use cr. MK or far MP into light tatsu, srk. If they’re a little too far away and crouching we have to adjust again by doing cr. MK > SRK/LK axe kick. I have so much trouble with his basic FADC combo, I’m afraid that I won’t be able to make the right adjustments when my opponent isn’t in the ideal range for me when I hit low forward > hado. Not only because I’m afraid I’ll waste meter, but now I might get myself punished.

But it’s something I want to start working on again. I’ve put it off for a while because I just couldn’t do it consistently before.