Satsui no Hadou ni Mezameta Ryu: Evil Ryu Combo Thread



For hit confirming cr.MK into fireball FADC I find it pretty much 100% consistent when I have sound, and about 60% at loud tournaments or setups without sound (or when I don’t have my headset with me).

Visual confirmation is a bit harder for me, but with sound it’s guaranteed to confirm the FADC.

In terms of the distances, if I have 2 bars I won’t really consider looking for it at max range, and just try to be a little closer for it.
If I have 4 bars then it’s viable to FADC the first one and either do another cr.MK xx FB FADC into cl./cr.HP xx MK.Axe Kick or cr.MK xx Lk.Axe Kick FADC etc. depending on the situation stun/health wise and my execution at the time.

I hadn’t thought about the frame trap fireball/axe kick one though, I’ll practise that a little tonight.


I live in the middle of nowhere and have offline sessions only during the weekend. Although i hate recording myself, i jumped online and played a ranked match which dropped in latency pretty quickly, but highlighted my problems with evil ryu pretty well.

sorry for the bad quality but i figured I’d get a bit more insight to help me stop casually wasting 4+ bars in a single game.

Like rice eater says, judging the spacing is also super effin hard.

bad groundgame + bad reactions = bad idea to pick eryu.


That’s pretty much me in a nutshell. But I really like the character so that’s the main reason why I main him.


Is there a 2-meter FADC combo more damaging than this one (excluding Rufus)?

Cl. HP xx MK Ryusokyaku FADC, Cr. MP, Cl. HP xx MK Ryusokyaku, Cr. MP xx LK Tatsu, HP Shoryuken - 452 damage, 710 stun


This combo only works in the corner

cl. MK, EX hado, cl. MK, EX hado, cl. MK, LK tatsu, HP SRK - 461 damage, 515 stun

I don’ think it works on everybody, but it works on the vast majority of the cast. And against most of the characters that it works on, you can start the combo with a cr. HP for an extra 10 damage and 100 stun.


I guess after the second cl.MK ex hado you can cl.MP or c.LP, cl.HP against the whoe cast.


Found a while back on gouken.

Cr.Mp > Cr.Lp > Cr.Mp > L.Tatsu > Sweep. Delay the tatsu.

  • Cr.Mp. You can actually move a frame forward and connect a certain link which is. Cr.Mp > move forward > St.Lp > Cr.HP > Tatsu, Axe, Fireball etc.

Will post more.
~Lucifer v


Wow, nice. Though I do think you could get a Cr. LP, Cl. HP after the second EX fireball. Still, that’s nice damage on its own.

I just realized the last combo in the FADC section in the OP is kinda silly.

“cr.lp/ > cl.hp xx MK Ryusokyaku cr.lp/ xx LK Tatsu > Shoryuken xx FADC > HP Red Fireball xx FADC > Ultra 1 = 455/572”

Why not use EX Red Fireball instead of HP Fireball FADC? It will do more damage and uses less meter.


That list isn’t optimized combos. It’s old, and just a list of everything possible that was known at the time.


About this, you CAN do a Cl. MP after the second Cl. MK xx EX Hado (but not after the first, or it might be character-specific). I need to play around with different characters and see who it’s possible on. However, we should be looking at a pretty significant chunk of extra damage.


You know, you can SRK after EX FB in the corner.


473 damage, 749 stun. Idk whether it works on everybody.


I feel that a lot of people are actually not using Evil Ryus combos to their max potential at all given the bar or situation. I read the entire first post and none of the combos had any of the combos im about to talk about listed. UPDATE THIS THREAD.

First off, with no meter off of a crlp/crlk people should be doing crlpx2-STMP-LK Axe as its better than ending in a fireball and pushing away as it brings you closer and does more damage and stun w lk axe

Punish with 2 bars should be crmp-sthp-lk axe-fadc-crlp-sthp-mk axe-crmp-lk tatsu-hp shoryu or lp shoryu-hp shoryu if in corner

I see a lot of people doing st hp-mk axe-crmp/crlp-lk tatsu-hp shoryu and possibly FADC-u1/u2 as a hard punish and it’s not as good as the above.

The reason why Evil Ryu is top tier is because all he needs is two hits at top level and he can win the round because he averages high 600’s per stun per combo.

To me, his ultras really aren’t THAT good because anytime you can combo into your ultra with 2 bars you can use those two bars to get WAYYY more stun and lose just a tiny bit of damage or pretty much equal amount of damage.

The main thing that makes evil ryu so weak below top level play is that he has A LOT of VITAL 1f links he needs to hit to be scary.

Doing cr mk-fireball-fadc-st hp is not his bnb from footsies. it’s crmk-lk axe-crlp-sthp-mk axe to stuff

(because it moves you FORWARD so this combo will work at ALL ranges and not spacing specific)

The great things about the combos too is that they also work on weird disjointed hurtbox characters like Blanka, Honda, Sakura, etc


LK axe kick is awesome in combos, but don’t tell people to toss it out there in footsies. Fireball is much safer. Go for the lk axe kick if you know you have a whiff punish, otherwise you’re asking to get hurt(it’s -7 and can be punished by pretty much everyone. People are just lazy learning to). You don’t always have to be on top of your opponent. You push him back it’s just as good. Eventually he’ll be in the corner or you’ll be close. I’ve actually been using the target combo to end block strings on characters it will hit. Seems to have the most pushback.


Well, if we’re doing cr. MP cl. HP links, why not do something like
cl. HP xx MK Axe Kick FADC cr. MP cl. HP xx MK Axe Kick cr. MP xx LK Tatsu HP Shoryuken

Does more damage and has fewer 1-frame links.

Also, LP SRK to HP SRK in the corner does less damage and stun but builds more meter IIRC…

One of my bad habits I’m trying to kick is using Cr. MK xx LK Axe. I’m too greedy I guess. :frowning: No one ever punishes it though.

By the way, on FADC forward LK Axe Kick is -5, right?


It is -4 on block imo.


It’s not a matter of opinion. It’s -7.


I agree with this one. However it is really range dependant. Really upclose you can c.lp/, c.lp, xx lk tatsu, shoryuken. A bit further you can c.lp/, c.lp, s.lp xx lk tatsu, shoryuken ( the s.lp has to be linked, if chained the lk tatsu wont come. This combo is useful when you attempt an empty jump).


Why use this instead of crMP, stHP xx MK Axe, crMP(or crLP), stMP xx LK Axe FADC, crLP, stHP xx MK Axe, crMP, LK tatsu, shoryu(s)?


when doing something like this:
cr.lp/ > cl.hp > MK Ryusokyaku > cr.lp/ xx Hadouken xx FADC > HK Tatsu = 382/610
I have a lot of trouble getting the fireball to come out after plinking the mp.
Any tips?