Satsui no Hadou ni Mezameta Ryu: Evil Ryu Combo Thread



LK Axe kick has a total of 16 frames blockstun then it’s 1+22 recovery. (2 active frames + 22 recovery frames, the first active frame doesn’t count since it is the one that connected) therefore 23-16 = -7 on block. On FADC it’s 23-18 = -5. E.Ryu’s forward dash is a total of 18 frames.

To test his, set E.Ryu as the training dummy and have your opponent as E.Ryu

Record E.Ryu one E.Ryu doing
LK Axe kick FADC forward and block

Then playback and try to punish it. You can’t punish it with E.Ryu’s sweep (6f) but cs.HP works (5f)


LK Axe kick FADC forward is -5


TL;DR don’t use FADC forward on block after this move. :slight_smile: Might be good in set plays for shenanigans to hold focus and release though.


What typically happens when you attempt this, and which hado are you using? I would never do this combo because FADC into HK Tatsu is such a strange choice to me? But when I do FADC my hadokens off of crMP, I always use the light version as I (and maybe this is crazy) feel that since that fireball moves slower, it gives me a bigger window to land my next hit (which is always a stHP).


I don’t think that really happens in SF4. At least not with Eryu. The fireball actually needs time to travel for a slower one to give you more advantage. If it hits them as soon as it’s active all three versions are the same. And it will if you’re canceling from


Is this what everyone is using?


For the most part. Good damage, but it’s unsafe, so you have to be on point with your spacing. If your opponent walks into your Cr. MK and blocks it, you then have an unsafe blockstring into a -7 LK Axe Kick. Cr. MK xx Hadoken is a safer confirm, but this one is more consistent from farther out.



There are instances where it happens for e ryu.

MK axe kick, cr lp, st mp xx lp hadoken FADC U2 works vs a some chars. [Not sure if universal didn’t check the whole cast.
cr lk, cr lk, cr lp, st mp xx lp hadoken FADC U2 works on as well on the chars i tried the above setup on.

And cr mk xx lp hadoken from footsie range gets a little more advantage on hit making fadc followups a bit easier.

Its the ideal wiff punish bnb.

If you think the cr mk is going to connect but your not sure if it will be blocked or not that is too unsafe so cr mk xx hado FADC replaces it


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The light axe kick > FADC > crouch jab is a 1 frame link correct?


yup and its unplinkable. use cl mp if you can plink. its dumb as hell to do the cr lp jab if you cant select-plink unless you have practiced it a shit ton and play offline. Anything below a 70-80% (i prefer 80-90%) success rate in training isn’t worth it in a real match unless you are practicing the link and are ok with dropping it.


Yeah, I have my back button mapped to my 3p button but I suck at back plinking at the moment :-(. Pretty much all of Evil Ryu’s bnbs consist of 1 and 2 frame links. No wonder Sako is the only one to do real damage with Evil Ryu. Daigo’s Evil Ryu is still lacking, I don’t think he’s figured him out yet.


I would say it’s worth it to be able to do the combo so that you can do Cr. MK xx LK Axe Kick into full BNB on a crouching opponent. However, in a clutch situation, I would say do this if your opponent’s crouching.

Cr. MK xx LK Axe Kick FADC, Cl. MP xx MK Axe Kick, HP Shoryuken (or Cr. LP xx HK Tatsu)


You don’t need to use lp hado for those combos. I use hp hado whenever I cancel and those combos work fine with it.


You know what makes me sad, watching Sako do these combos with such little effort, even though they’re called Sako combos for a reason. He makes them look like 30 frame links lol. I can maybe do it once out of 100 tries :-(. He’s probably looking down on me with his Sako smirk shaken his head in disgust. Lately I feel like giving up on fighting games and just turn into a spectator.


I feel like the difficulty with that link stems from the fact that the timing is really variable due to fadc’ing. It seems really easy to hit if you fadc on the first possible frame (“really easy” Kappa), but doing that without hitting the FA prematurely (which in turn makes the manual dash input really irritating to time) seems quite unreliable for me atm. What’s really crazy to me though, is how every time I do hit it, I hit the cr.lp, s.HP link as well, almost guaranteed. Just gotta get that 1f down. What I’m trying to say is: back to the lab.


You can buffer the whole FADC (MP + MK, FF) so that it comes out on the first possible frame. Just do it as fast as possible.


You should expect your fadc to come out on the first frame possible. If its coming out late practice it more.


No, that’s not what I was talking about. I was talking about the whole chain of, axe kick, fadc- if I do it as fast as possible, I finish the dash input before the axe-kick is even finished, and it’ll FAC, but won’t dash.
Of course I could input the FAC right after the axe-kick and just dash once it actually cancels, but I’d rather pair the FA with the dash so I can choose to hold it in case the axe-kick was blocked and I can punish a sweep-attempt or something. Either way, annoying shit. I found a pretty good rythm for it using the combo trainer, just gotta get it reliable now.


Try making sure that the last input for your dash is after the FA starts up. You can only buffer one input before it. The other has to come after.


Is it just me but is the cr. mk > light axe kick > fadc > cr. lp is easier than far st. mp > light axe kick > fadc > cr. jab?