Satsui no Hadou ni Mezameta Ryu: Evil Ryu Combo Thread



I don’t know why, but I have to agree. It feels easier to me as well, but I suspect maybe because I use it in footsies in actual matches a lot. Muscle memory helps.


I’m making a little more progress with my light axe kick > FADC > cr. lp. I did the full Sako combo against cpu T. Hawk like a bawse on the hardest difficulty…hold that sh*t b’otch. Where is your gun now?


Pretty much this, I was going to say the same thing. You use cr. MK more often so it will be easier to throw out randomly for footsies and punishes, even though far MP does more damage. People will naturally go to cr. MK because of how often they use it. Plus going from down back into LK axe kick is easier than holding back into MP. Although as James Chen once said on UltraChen, it’s best to not do this and to press the button and do the motion separately, most people will use this method including me. And I’ve gotten upset at myself several times when I screw up and end up doing cr. MP > LK axe kick instead which doesn’t combo and leaves me at -7.


Last night during a game I did the easiest of combos just because I knew it would kill and had a full bar.

Cr. MK xx LK Axe FADC, HP Shoryuken FADC HK Axe Kick

Yo dawg I heard you like FADCs

But seriously bottom line is make sure you finish your plate. :slight_smile:


That is the biggest thing. Either…

A. Finish your combos and use combos you can hit at a 90% rate.


B. Try harder combos in games and be ok if you lose a game when you try it.

Its important to practice your training mode combos if you want to use them but the most basic combos + a solid neutral game wins more games.

(I always try my optimum bnbs though lol i dont care if i lose in ranked :/. Even if i can kill i still go with my chars hardest combo in endless. But losses dont bother me. First to X changes everything though)


I never really understand why players for example Daigo would use cr. mp over cr. lp. Lp is way more consistent and does less pushback.


what are some good meterless confirms for dive kick and crouch tech (



Divekick, Cr. LP, Cr. MP/St. MP xx LK Tatsu, HP Shoryuken (standing only)
Divekick, Cr. LP, Cl. HP xx MK Axe Kick, Cr. MP xx LK Tatsu, HP Shoryuken
Divekick, Cl. MP xx MK Axe Kick, Cr. MP xx LK Tatsu, HP Shoryuken (standing only)

Crouch tech:
Cr. LK, Cr. LP, Cr. MP/Cr. LP xx LK Tatsu, HP Shoryuken (standing only)
Cr. LK, Cr. LP, Cr. MP xx Hadoken
Cr. LK, Cr. LP, St. MP xx LK Axe Kick
Cr. LK, Cr. LP, Cl. HP xx MK Axe Kick, etc (character/spacing specific)


Can anyone tell me what the combo is that Sako busted out on Ricky Ortiz (Rufus) @ EVO? 7:55 into the video
I’m terrible at figuring out input from watching footage :frowning:


Watch this vid:


I don’t know if this is known, but you can do st. HP > MK Axe kick > cr. LP > st. LP > cr. HK on Dudley, slight variation on the combo that works on Gen, Yun and Ibuki. I can’t believe stream monsters stating factual information lol.


Hey all, just curious if all the combos listed on the 1st page are still viable in Ultra? I’m trying to put some more time into USF4 since I’m such a scrub and I plan to build up my E.Ryu. :slight_smile:


They should be or just watch Sako vids.


[quote=“MASTER_OF_DA_FIST, post:530, topic:123956”]

Helpful but still have a hard time reading the inputs with the odd extra button press and just how fast he goes lol


Hard Punch cancelled into medium axe kick, crouch Light Punch crouch Hard Punch cancelled into medium axe kick, far stand Light Punch far stand Medium Punch cancelled into light axe kick then fadc into close standing Medium Punch cancelled into med axe kick crouch Light Punch crouch Hard Punch cancelled into medium axe kick, far stand Light Punch, far stand Medium Punch cancelled into ex fireball


Yes, Sako did this combo on Ricky’s Rufus during Evo. Abbreviations would have been nice lol


Where can find a list of all the character specific links? I thought Rufus was the only one Evil had specific links on, but now I’m seeing cr.lp-cr.mpxtatsu after a m.axe on gief and a after m.axe on sagat. Also I saw Sako do what looked like a hit confirm combo into a sweep on Yun after a m.axe kick, so my mind is officially blown.


Not sure if there’s a list of all of them… But since you brought it up, you can do this on Cammy, Cody, and Duds (maybe others too)
Cl. HP xx MK Axe Kick, Cr. LP, St. MP xx LK Tatsu, HP SRK

HP SRK only gets one hit midscreen against Cammy unless you Kara it or are godlike enough to walk forward slightly.


Guys,can anyone write bnb combos? And another combos by increasing difficult at execution. It will be nice for me and i think for another new players. As i can see in 1st post combos for SSF, not a USF. Thank you!
And that the ways to setup U2?


Just an observation but in the video of sako above. When he is doing his combo it shows his inputs, now the lp is obviously plinked. There is a video of juicebox explaining explaining plinking. And he explains how lp can be plinked. Select plinking is one of them. Anyway long story short you can actually wire your select button to another button on fightstick. When you select plink it shows 2 of the same normal like its double tapped. So he is either
A. Double tapping
Or B. Is an obvious cheater. (Although there is no rules against this so far, I consider this a mod macro)