Satsui no Hadou ni Mezameta Ryu: Evil Ryu Combo Thread



Is MK Axe Kick > cr.MP a 1 or 2 frame link?




The reason for this is because execution isn’t a problem for professional players. Hitting to them, is like hitting cr.lp to us


if they plink then it is a two frame link, so it literally is like hitting cr.lp to them.


what stick is he using? it looks hella sick.


What is the easiest way to learn his lp>mp link. Lp> press m 1 time, lp> double tap m, lp> pause plink lp+mp. I have prac these like at least 1500 times in the past 3 days and still can’t get the link consistant


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I actually just asked if you could even plink it. I think it comes out as a chained s.lp if you do, but personally I just single tap it. I wait for the spark of the lp to fade and then I press the mp. The hardest part for me is pressing it too early because I feel like the cr.lp recovers quickly.


anybody know any force standing combos


for the most part, people just try to use cl.hp in their combos because it will force them to stand. Outside of cl.hp i’m not sure what other normals he has that do.


Like RG said, the only button that will force stand and can be combo’d into is cl. HP. You can combo into it from cr. LP or cl. LP and it’s pretty much just a 1 button confirm because anymore than 1 and the push off will typically be too much for the cl. HP to come out. It’s possible but only situationally like after a really deep jump in. I use this block string often because it’s safe on block when ending with MK axe kick(or fireball) and it also doubles as a frame trap. Of course it’s not a true block string so you have to see how your opponent responds to this. If they start blowing it up with DP then start baiting.


@ rg alias outside of close hp crouching hp forces stand also

cr hp forces stand i do combos from that all the time do u kn ow any character specific combos that requires force stand and the opponent to be standing.


i believe you can hit two cr.lp and then cl.hp on the twins. I don’t know who else it works on, but i’m pretty sure there’s a couple more. I wouldn’t be surprised if it worked on Elena.


Two lights into a close HP works on plenty of characters. It just requires a deep jump in most of the time. I mentioned that in my post, but I worded it very poorly. I somehow forgot to mention the part about it working after two light attacks. But trying to get a close HP after two light from doing a meaty light after a knockdown probably won’t work most characters. The twins like you mentioned are probably two of the exceptions though.


Is there any reason people don’t ever seem to use the whatever > lk tatsu > shoryu FADC > heavy axe kick combo? As far as I’m aware it’s an untechable down, and it does more damage than doing a red fireball ender. Am I missing something? Because I never see this combo listed anywhere so I figure there must be an issue with it.


Well first off nobody does the red fireball ender, nobody as far as I know. But the main reason people don’t do that anymore is because of delayed wake up. FADC into that use to give you a really good set up in the corner to land fake cross ups and unblockables. DWU makes it so their is no guarantee now so people don’t bother with it anymore. Evil Ryu depends on meter to get his damage and he doesn’t have any really good mix ups(even without DWU) to make it worth burning the meter from mid screen for only a bit more damage when using it from a extended combo.


This made be old, but didnt want to read through all 12 sections to find out. but for his Super, the start up can be canceled out of by f+ mk and also f+ mp. I found a neat trick to buffer it faster, which is really why I am writing.

go in and hold F and press mk + lp > lp > Forward > lk + hp. I actually do it f+ mk +lp > mk + lp> forward > lk + hp ( that gives me only 3 actually button taps to do in combination. Same can be done for forward, just replace mk with mp.

Hope his isnt old info and hope it helps some of you.


Instead of going to neutral and then back to forward, try holding forward and go to down forward. It will still count as the forward input. Just have to be sure to switch after the second mk+lp and before the lk+hp…and I actually just slap all four buttons for that input(lk, lp, mp, hp).


Is there is a better combo than this:


[quote=“SF09ers, post:559, topic:123956”]

Is there is a better combo than this:


There are plenty, like the Sako Rufus-specific combo, or even the one that Sako did against Poongko, which involves a kara-ultra 2 iirc.

Honestly, Daigo’s combo against Momochi isn’t even that hard to do lol.