Satsui No Hadou Ni Mezameta Ryu Ultra SF4 Guide [Evil Ryu guide]

Evil Ryu is relegated to a char that while i still play, i am not planing to main nor find/update tech. I guess im a criminal and foot fetishist for life [juri, cody]

I dont plan on updating the doc any more. Assuming I move the folder in dropbox and forget to update the link i added a mediafire link to the .rar of my folder.

I figured a rar is the best way to keep it up for those that are interested.


Evil Ryu Match-up Quick Reference Excel Sheet [Not even close to done i have the above doc to work on]

Ill tell you guys when i start work on this untill now consider it useless

Please let me know what sections i should add or remove plus any tips.

I had someone graciously give me their setup doc its not explicitly stated but its good shit [its the same as the above doc but has some new stetups. There is no legend so its on you to understand it. PS its not that hard

@Donfloris’s spreadsheet [Check this out till i get mine completed.

The old spreadsheet:


Thanks to everyone who has helped me out in this thread directly or indirectly

@Essex The Sinner [I have no idea how to link to people with actuall spaces in their name instead of underscores]
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Hey, on the air-to-airs, definitely mention NJ. HK. That move is godlike on startup and has a good-priority hitbox.

It’ll really help me to improve my playstyle.
Keep the awesome work! (;

Thats a normal mi had a bit of trouble with deciding to add or not. It has the same startup and active frames as nj hp (godlike) but less range and the hitbox doesnt extend as far past the hurtbox as nj hp. To its merit the hitbox is a bit fatter and the surrounding hurtbox below the hurtbox is much much smaller.

Why would you use this over nj hp? what are some situations you would use it in over nj hp?

Im just trying to think what i would say about the normal to make it not look redundant compared to nj fp.

Not trying to say your wrong just trying to understand the poke better. I think it a great poke as well

Something I don’t see Evil Ryu players use is OS cr. MK into whatever works. Since his cr. MK has great range it will catch most back dashes in this game. Characters with shitty back dashes like Ryu or Gouken eat big damage with OS cr. MK, LK tatsu, HP SRK. Everybody else except a few characters like Cammy, Chun, or Rose can get hit by OS cr. MK, HK tatsu or LK axe kick. If you got a couple of bars to spare and good execution, you can do 400+ damage with OS cr. MK > LK axe kick. In USF4 if you got 3 bars, that’s a very easy way to land Ultra or a axe kick combo.

Their is a lot of character specifics though, some characters dash too far, some characters recovery much later which causes cr. MK to reset them instead of punishing their dash recovery. OS sweep is the safer and easier choice by far. But if you do your homework, and carry a smartphone with you(or something else) then you’ll get a lot more mileage out of OS cr. MK for the characters they work against. I may start putting together a list later if you want Maple.

nice thanks for the tip. im gonna check it out in training in a bit in training mode. figured most chars would be airborne still during the cr mk or i figured it ould be hard as balls to os the cr mk and get a lk axe kick os out in time.

I still need to finish our corner target combo fake cross up list. lost the fucking sheet lol. oh well ill do it later whenever im getting to buzzed to play endless and i hop on ranked.

Gonna try and finish up the frame trap section today and then hopefully setups and char specifics is the last thing to do. Cant wait to do char specifics as i dont know shit about matchups with e ryu. id rather play cody in some bad cody good evil ryu matchup just because of experience.

herp a derp extra post for no reason :open_mouth:

NJ HK reaches farther forward than NJ HP
NJ HP whiffs vs most crouching opponents so you can’t use it for pressure the way you can with NJ HK
NJ HP has a much larger hurtbox than NJ HK

OK here is the list I just put together. I’m doing this after a sweep by immediately jumping forward. It’s not the most meaty set up, it’s just something to go by for now

cr. LK, OS cr. MK, LK tatsu: Ryu, Ken, Honda, Dudley, Seth, Gouken, Akuma, Sakura, Oni, Yun, Juri, Abel, Bison, Cammy, DJ, Cody, Guy, Yang, Evil Ryu, Guile, Zangief, Fei Long, T Hawk,

cr. LP, OS cr. MK, LK tatsu: Rose, Adon, Vega

cr. LK, OS cr. MK LK axe kick/HK tatsu: Dan, Dhalsim, Viper, Balrog

Doesn’t work: Ibuki(whiffs), Gen(whiffs), Chun(blocks), Sagat(resets), Hakan(with or without oil, but when oil’d cr. MK whiffs), Blanka(whiff), Rufus(resets), Elf(block)

Keep in mind that this is only for sweep > immediately jump forward. I’m not too sure how meaty that is, but I don’t think it’s either too meaty too close to getting your move out before they can get their’s out. If you do a more meaty cr. LK or LP into OS cr. MK, it may cause a reset so proceed with caution. Of all the characters that I listed as not working, it does work on Elf if you do a really meaty cr. lp. But outside of 7 characters, he can do huge damage against the rest with meter.

Does anyone know if the current Ultra version in arcade Evil Ryu kept the faster teleport? It isn’t on the change list so I am assuming they took it back, but I heard there are undocumented changes too.

oh my god… that is one of the sexiest chain oses i have ever seen. that is truly a backdash detterent. no more “eh its just a sweep” that does daddy damage. in gonna try to figure out some other setups for it later once i finish the main doc

I believe that was debunked to be false in multiple later builds but dont take my word for it. ill wait for someone to corroborate this

Nailed it, thanks. :slight_smile: Good work on the guide, mapleleafs.

Here is a little video I made about the OS low forward. I also threw in a little something about what we as Evil Ryu players should do when we use Metsu Hadoken in fireball fights when we get hit by the oncoming fireball.

i will try to get my promise’s done tonight: Frame trap advice

Also let me know of any shitty grammar/punctuation in the OP. i did a rough one over but im sure its still fucked

I will get rice_eaters corner target combo fake x up added later i just need some time to deal with the setup section

As for frame traps, something I’ve been doing lately after a couple of light attacks is far MP xx MK axe kick. On counter hit it combos and you can end it with SRK or something else for 300+ damage. Mix it up with kara throw and hop kick and it can be come pretty effective.

One thing that really makes frame traps work is establishing the threat of Kara throws. For instance, let’s say on someone’s wakeup I do Cr. MP, Cr. LP, HP Kara throw. Later in the match, I do Cr. MP, Cr. LP, slight pause, Cr. MP. If they try to tech the expected grab, I get a counter hit Cr. MP, which I can then combo into Cr. HK or Cr. MK for another knockdown or damage. This strategy is simple but requires some thought and set-play to use effectively.

Or you can do the KOK, which is to Cr. Jab, back up just a tad, Cr. HP. Catches crouch techs and whiffed throws.

Oh, and back that Cr. MP with an OS and you’re really scary. :slight_smile: