[Saturday 09/26/09] LIVESTREAM: SFIV Fight Club NRW, Sponsored by Capcom, Madcatz


hi together!

this weekend we gonna stream our tournament on justin.tv


8am (EST) with casual matches
6-7 pm (EST) tournament

the event is sponsored by CAPCOM, MADCATZ and hellgames.net



update 1


NRW stands for?



for NORDRHEIN WESTFALEN its a state in germany like NY in USA


nice and a live stream!! I’ll be watching.


Padau, edit the title and add Germany next to NRW :party:


[Saturday 09/26/09] LIVESTREAM: SFIV Fight Club NRW Germany sponsor Capcom, Madcatz

its not possible to change the title of the first post :crybaby:


watching the stream now… first time I see SF with german language :stuck_out_tongue:



did you like it?

here you can find some clips of the stream.


we also have matches captured with a HAVA HD box. ill load them up on youtube