[Saturday Dec. 3rd] TosfHQ: Battle of Kings! Heroes World Qualifier

Greetings all,

Just wanted to advise everyone that we’ve extended the “YRSF Fights Hunger” food drive and will be collecting donations during the event. All food collected will be donated to the Daily Bread Food Bank.

We would truly appreciate everyone’s support by bringing in some non-perishable food items on tournament day. Please take a moment to sift through your pantry or just drop by the No Frills in the plaza on the day of. There will be a collection box on-site.


updated with new registered players

Alright, my teammate for UMvC3 is gonna be Mango Ninja and our team name is “Team Fruit Loops.”

looking for +1 for AE teams

Can you please sign up Magus and Zewo for UMvC3 as “Team We Play Guilty Gear, You Should Too”

Sry but I’ll b taking the final spot…can you reg me (Salman) and Buddahforce

I would take the spot easily since all the good players are already in but i’ll be in NEC this weekend. So, you guys are lucky. LOL!
Good luck to all participants.


who qualified in the last qualifiers anyway?

AE: Dave Ro & [S]Some Yun that Dave Ro carried[/S] (I seriously can’t remember who it was), and London (Corry & Monney)
UMvC3: Quan & DarkDragon, and London (Joe & Alvin)

Chaos2D on Yang…and he wasn’t carried.

which game? ae or mvc?

Well I feel like a dick for not remembering who it was (nor his character), but I was joking about being carried.

I am surprised you don’t know which game I play?
Anyways anyone looking for a partner in UMVC3 who’s good, BuddahForce dropped out


lol my bad thought u were one of the players anyways its gonna b Salman and Dave Ro for UMVC3
Team Ultimate

updated with new sign-ups!

need a partner for AE.

Dennis, team washed up?

me+eric hai for AE

me+waiting confirmation on this clown for umvc3

updated with new entrants

trainingho and flipmaster, not sure if your registering. let me know if you guys want to actually sign up and i’ll put you down

yo count me in for monk’s team and i would love to play umvc but i dont have a team anybody interested lol
btw it’s charles