[Saturday Dec. 3rd] TosfHQ: Battle of Kings! Heroes World Qualifier

TosfHQ Presents: Battle of Kings! Winter Warfare
Brought to you by: TosfHQ, YRSF, Bison’s Autoshop, A&C, Heroes World and Toronto Top Tiers

“The Fighting Game Community in the greater Toronto area and beyond continues to grow, develop, and inspire new players to begin competing.” - Hideyuki

What better way to strengthen our bonds with all-out war?
With the help of many key individuals from all over the GTA, TosfHQ has put together a min-series of tournaments that will act as regional qualifiers for the main event. Each tourney will be held in different locations around the GTA. The ones that stand above all in each tournament will be invited to TosfHQ to compete in the final battle for pride and prizes.

Location & Date:

A&C World – Downtown Toronto – Nov 19th - Complete!
University of Waterloo – Waterloo – Nov 26th - Complete!
Heroes World – Markham Region – Dec 3rd

TosfHQ – Scarborough – Dec 10th

Ultimate Marvel VS Capcom 3 (360)
Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition (360)

Team 2v2 single match, double elimination
A-CHO style (player A vs player A; player B vs player B)
Teams must register characters/team before hand - You cannot switch characters/teams after your initial selection.
Team Order is NOT locked. This move is to promote additional strategy. If there is any dispute, Blind pick will be enforced.

You are free to join any regional tournament
If your team places top 2 in either SSFIV:AE or UMVC3, You cannot enter any other regional as you have qualified
Top 2 teams from each tournament will be invited to battle it out in the finals at TosfHQ
The Finals will have a Round Robin Format (A-cho style still in effect)
Top 2 teams in both games will receive prizes

Each location has a $10 venue fee ($5 spectator fee in effect).
Each game has a $10 per player fee, $20 per team
Finals at TosfHQ has a $5 venue fee (members can use their package sessions)
There are no player fees for the final tournaments at HQ.

First Place: 70% of the pot
Second Place: 20% of the pot
Third Place: 10% of the pot
Prizes for the top placers at the Finals will be revealed shortly.

Heroes World
8601 Warden Avenue Unit 13
(North-East Corner of Hwy 7 and Warden)
Markham, Ontario
L3R 0B5
(905) 948-1949

Schedule (approx):
12:30pm - 1:00pm UMVC3 Registration
1:00pm - 2:00pm UMVC3
2:00pm - 2:30pm SSFIV: AE Registration
2:00pm - 4:00pm SSFIV: AE

Due to space and time constraints there will be a cap of 16 teams per event (we may open up more spots if we see alot of teams signing up for both events). You may sign your team up though this thread (and only this thread!! so don’t call or e-mail or tell a buddy, post up here only please! this is to ensure there is no confusion or missed registrations). If you do not arrive during the designated registration time period your spot WILL be given to anyone else waiting for spots. Due to this limited seating there will be NO CASUALS stations, if the tourney wraps up early we’ll open up the stations for casuals until 6pm for everyone that participated in the main events.


Omega Collectables
Website: www.omegacollectables.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Omega-Collectables-Video-Games-and-More/21155184296
Phone Number: 416.894.6186

A & C Games
Website: www.acgamesonline.com
Phone Number: 416.923.3066

Registered Teams

**1 **scruffy and Mango Ninja ‘Team Fruit Loops’
**2 **flat top and joker ‘rebeloandjoker’
**3 **Jing and Rikir ‘Team Jailbait’
**4 **Japots and ???
**5 **blitzman and eric hai
**6 **DioBrando and DisgruntledGoa ‘Team Scrubs’
**7 **diabolix and leadingsimon ‘We barely play this game’
**8 **Magus and Zewo ‘Team We Play Guilty Gear, You Should Too’
**9 **Salman and Dave Ro ‘Team Ultimate’
**10 **mr. trite and spiralguy
**11 **Midnight and Geneses "Green Hornet"

**1 **Nathan and Navi ‘The Weeknd’
**2 **Steve and Francis ‘Team Tatsu’
**3 **Led and JTN ‘Team Vaughan’
4 flat top and shane walker ’ team gdlk’
**5 **munk & charles
**6 **Mr. Trite and Eric Hai
**7 **daflipmastaXV and killacam
**8 **Dennis and Anton 'Black & Yellow’

Is this a joke? It’s a pretty poor one if it is.

With all due respect to the organizer, the very idea of limited registration for a qualifier tournament is ridiculous. You’ve essentially created a situation where it’s a race to register regardless of team talent. What would be the point of a qualifier tournament with 8 awful teams when other potentially more talented teams didn’t get in on time. It’d be one thing if it was a one off tournament but considering it’s part of a series that’s just killing the credibility of the series. I’d suggest revisiting the idea of limiting registration.

good points guys. Our main problem is that i only have so much room as we’ll be open for regular business. if we have 8 individual teams for each event then we’ll be at 32 players…so our plan was that once we see a few teams register and if they turned out to register for both events it’d open up more slots for teams. I could possibly simply put 16 teams max for each event…but if the 2nd event players (the ssfiv:ae players) show up early they’ll have to find something else in the plaza to do?

my apologies but i was simply making sure we had enough room, i’ll see what we can do

Sign up Nathan and Navi, Team ‘The Weeknd’

If you keep it to 8 teams, make it two out of three for each match, the one game elimination makes me feel uncomfortable :wink:

put the team count up to 16…sorry i cannot have it “unlmited” due to space restraints. I will ask that anyone coming for the SSFIV:AE come at the designated time on the schedule if possible, unless however you check this tread and don’t see many teams registered for UMVC3.

sorry can’t change the format navi, gotta keep it consistent for all the qualifiers (i’ll assume you wanted in for AE cause i’ve never seen you or nathan play mvc

Is it possible for me to reserve a team spot for UMvC3, but tell you our team name and my teammate within a day or two? I know for a fact I will have a teammate and that we will be going, we just haven’t figured out a team name yet.


Sign up Led + JTN for AE ‘Team Vaughan’

no problem guys…please let me know for what event: UMVC3 or AE!

scruffy i’ll put you down, so just let me know when you get your teammate and team name

thanks for the sticky dadesi!

hey sign me and joker up for teams in marvel and me and shane walker for teams in ae plzz

for a.e me and shane walker team names will be team gdlk and for marvel mine and jokers team name will be rebeloandjoker LOL

UMVC3 Jing and Rikir

Team Jailbait

Team Jailbait should really place in this last tourny. If not, it’s all Jing’s fault. LOL!


Put in Japots and ??? for UMVC3. Need to get back at Jing for the A&C qualifier

sounds good guys!

some players have contacted me via FB and other methods…i’ll do my best to make sure they are on the thread…but in the event of some kind of dispute (somebody takes the last spot or something) the thread will take the win. Also i cannot promise i’ll remember everybody if you don’t post via this thread…so if i miss you or you tell somebody else and they miss you please be aware.

also if you don’t see me put you on the sign up after I post and update please let me know asap

sign up’s updated!

I would like to sign up DioBrando and DisgruntledGoa for “Team Scrubs” for UMVC3

Hey, I’d like to sign up for the UMvC3 tourney

Team name: We barely play this game
Players: diabolix and leadingsimon