[Saturday, June 23rd] - For Great Justice 2



(We are working on getting some blinds for those windows.)

Venue Fee: Anyone who wishes to use the setups, be it for friendlies or tournament, will be charged $5 venue fee. There is no fee for simply spectating.
If you bring a Console (Gamecube/Wii/PS3/Xbox 360) with a copy of Melee/Brawl/UMvC3, and/or a TV, we will give you a discount on venue fee of up to $1 off for bringing console and $1 off for bringing a TV for up to $2 discount max.
10% of the pot for each event will be used to help pay for the venue.

We will have at least 1 guaranteed TV for Marvel/SF events. We will be trying to get more as time goes on, but right now, we would very much appreciate any setups (consoles w/ SF/UMvC3+TV’s) brought to the venue. Thank you!

You have 5 min. to report to your respective matches. If you are late, you will be given a 5 minute warning. If you do not report to your match after that, you will be disqualified at the Tournament Host’s discretion. Please report set results promptly to the TO after you play your set. We aim to make this event as well-organized as possible, so please be on time when your name gets called for a match, and do try to be as prompt as possible in reporting results.

Entry Fee: $5
Pot Split: 70/20/10

SF4 AE2012:
Entry Fee: $5
Pot Split: 70/20/10

(SF4: AE was not run at our last tournament due to lack of interest/setups. We would really like to run this event for people who want to play, so if you are interested, let us know! And please bring a setup for SF if you have one!)

Signups will start at around 4:15 and end at 4:45.
Both events will start at around 5:00pm (or at the soonest convenience once the brackets are finished being made).

The venue address is:
Metropolis Comix
8241 Bruceville Road #160
Sacramento, CA 95823


Sure why not?


I will be there, Wolfy do you want me to bring my PS3 for Marvel?

The Sacramento (916)- "cuz we hype as S***" Thread!

@Xavier: Yes, that would be very much appreciated. :slight_smile:

Oh, and if you have a TV, please bring it as well. Thanks!


Wolfy, did you run the previous AE and Marvel tourneys here? Any chance of a reduction in the venue fee in the future? The venue fee in comparison to the entry fee makes this tourney relatively expensive.


Yes, I did run them here. Right now, this was the only venue I could secure in time to be able to run this tournament. And unfortunately, the shop is looking to make a profit off of these tournaments, so this is what I have to stick with right now or else honestly, they probably wouldn’t let me run it.

I will be looking for a better, cheaper venue for future tournaments (hopefully in time for the next one), and reduce the venue fee accordingly.
I do enjoy using this venue because the owner is mad friendly, but unfortunately, it’s smaller than I would like and they do want to make money off these tournaments which often causes me to have prices higher than I would like to have for the venue fee.

Either that, or I’d reduce the venue fee by a buck or two, but I wouldn’t be able to give discounts for any setups brought and I’d need a lot more people to show up or else the shop would probably be hesitant about letting me run more tournaments there.

I’ll keep it in mind and try to work it out for future tournaments.


I know this has been primarily a Smash event, and since I know nothing about the Smash communities’ standards and such, I can’t speak on that. However, I’ve come to most SFIV tournaments held at this venue and while the owner is indeed very friendly, I can tell you that the usual SFIV players (myself included) were discouraged from coming due to the high venue fee. Just something to keep in mind.

I’ll be coming tomorrow with a PS3 setup, AE2012, and a monitor.


Okay, thanks for the feedback. I will actually try to talk to the shop owner today before the event starts and see if I can get the venue fee lowered a bit.
I’m pretty sure even the Smash players would enjoy a reduced venue fee, too, lol.

And thanks for bringing a setup and monitor. We really appreciate it!


Damn, sorry man - my sister’s coming by the house earlier than expected and I won’t be able to attend, nor bring my equipment. Sorry for the late notice!


It’s okay, bro. Maybe next time. =)


So, thanks to everyone who showed up today!

For the next one, we will definitely try to secure a cheaper venue so that we can lower the venue price and I will make sure to post in the TO NorCal tournament threads to secure a better date free of conflict from other tournaments.
I hope more people show up next time, it’s mad fun hosting tournaments for you guys. =)


Thanks for hosting! Had a good time, and looking forward to more in the future.

And I need to go back to that shop and buy something, they have a lot of good stuff over there hahaha


Wolfy, I have heard from a player that brought a full setup (monitor+console+game) that his venue fee was not discounted. Was this an oversight or something of the sort?


Unfortunately, the guy helping me run the register got mad at me when I offered the first discount and thus couldn’t continue giving them.

Sorry. I really do want to give as many discounts as possible, but the staff at the shop put me in a really bad position when I do. Which is why I am searching for a new venue so that I can just offer a lower flat venue fee for future tournaments.


I have heard multiple times that the hosts will not budge on less than $5 venue fee. I’m not sure who ran what in the past (I know you’ve said you’ve run them there in the past), but this venue has had a checkered history in terms of SFIV events. When things like this continue to happen at Metropolis Comix, it diminishes the credibility of the venue and/or whomever is hosting a tournament there.

Please make sure to make things clear with both the players and your hosts for future events. I also suggest some sort of compensation for the players that brought setups to the last tournament in a show of good faith - maybe a discount on that tourney’s venue fee.


Yeah, sorry about that. It’s my fault for not clearing it up, so I take responsibility for it.

I’ll try to make up for it in the future, if there is any more tournaments, which is, quite frankly, extremely unlikely at this point.
I’ll try to see if I can find a better venue that’s cheaper and lets me have full control over how the money is handled, and hopefully, if I can find one, I will lower the price and waive venue fee for setups brought. I will definitely make it up to those who should have gotten a discount but didn’t if there is another tourney.


I suggest a new venue. The past few tournaments (I’m not sure who ran them, but I think it might’ve been you) were decent - it was mostly the fact that the venue had a shady history and that the venue fee was high. As an example, a past tournament’s entry fee was one $8 - $5 to pot and $3 to venue. That left a very bad taste in players’ mouths and that was only one incident among other ones.

If you still want to run SFIV/MVC3 tournaments, I think you still can. Just make up for past mistakes if you choose to do so.

Good luck!


Yeah, I’ll be moving to a new venue for sure (if I can get one). Thanks, I will definitely make up for past mistakes and make it up to the players. I hate having to deny people of discounts or things like that when my hands are tied with the venue’s staff, so I sincerely apologize for that. These things are always a learning experience, so I will keep in mind all the feedback for next time.

Thanks for the advice, you’ve been really helpful. =)