Saturday Night BattleGrounds @ Pitzer College (Claremont CA)

FYI for you Soul Calibur fans out there this is coming up a week from Tuesday:

we will be having casuals this week 1/28/12 xbox 360’s marvel and ssf4ae byoc! btw casuals are now free no more venue fee

So this where you guys have been going to now… Hmm may just have take a trip down there for some casuals

FYI we are hosting an SCV launch party at Super Arcade on Tuesday, come by and check it out if you are interested!

Will there b one on feb. 4th?

on the 4th we are doing a 2v2 team tournament for AE and Marvel all the information is at this thread [Feb 4, 2012] 2v2 DESTRUCTION! SSF4AE2012 & UMvC3 Teams Tournament Claremont CA... (Claremont, CA)

We’ll be having another casual session this Saturday starting at 6pm. Marvel, 2012, SCV, KOF, MK9 stations are planned. It’s free so come on by!

this Saturday 2/11/12 we will be running casual play 6PM to Midnight. (its free NO venue fee)

we will have setups for SSF4AE2012, UMvC3, SC5, Kof13 & MK9

we will be providing most of the setups. marvel, street fighter and king of fighters usually run on xbox mk9 and sc5 will be on ps3

*** Confirmed Setups***
1 UMvC3 Xbox Station (monitor, system & game)
1 SSF4AE2012 Xbox Station (monitor, system & game)
1 Kof13 Xbox Station (monitor, system & game)

1 Soul Calibur 5 PS3 Station (monitor, system & game)

1 UMvC3 Xbox Station (monitor, system & game)

1 SSF4AE2012 Xbox Station (monitor, system & game)

Shords (waiting to confirm)
1 MK9 PS3 Station (monitor, system & game)

Xbox System

here is a link to the facebook event page in case you want to post there

we should have 6 to 7 stations. if you would like to bring an system and monitor your more than welcome to do so as we have sufficient room to set more stations up.

please remember to provide your own controller or joystick.

I have to get my ass here and check out the new spot, hopefully I have some free time this weekend so I can roll through for some Friendlies

we will be having casuals again this Saturday umvc3, ssf4ae2012, sc5, mk9, bring your own controller. we will be running a MK9 tournament but casuals will still be going on during the tournament.

Note there will NOT be casuals this week. I am taking a week off and I think Mando deserves a day off.

ah dang I just found this thread and it looks like fun.

We will be back on March 3rd, so hope to see you then! (There may even be a tournament that day!)

Nice! I’ll try to make it out next weekend.

unfortunately this thread looks dead as shit something i’m going to work on. but we always have about 15 to 20 people there every Saturday. every one mainly sticks to facebook :frowning:

I would like to go. Please keep this thread updated with the times and what not.

id go but its kinfda to far for me.

We will be back next weekend (March 3). Watch this thread for confirmation.

casuals this coming Saturday are a GO! we will have a shit load of stations this week hopefully along with SFxT

we will also have a projector going so every one can watch final round.

in total we should have about 8 stations with AE, UMvC3, SC5, a PS2 with Super Turbo. we also have MK and KoF available
stations are all Xbox 360 except for MK that’s usually on PS3

so come on down this saturday and grind out a session. the venue should be open at 4pm this Saturday and will close at midnight

if you bring food or drinks make sure you thrown away your damn trash.

see you guys there…

We will have PS3 SCV for those who want it. Note the earlier start time (4pm)!