Saturday Nitro:NYClan Gathering 4/21

Ok well there will be a gathering/tournament at NightClan. People have been playing, people have been talking well heres a good opportunity to come down and get some good games in. Nothing too big but if your looking to kick some casuals and a little tourny play then come by by all means. All you have to pay is the $12 charge to get in and you can play all day so its up to you when you wanna come. I’ll be there myself around 3!
226 West 4th Street @ 7th Ave
New York, NY 10014

When: Saturday, April 14th (this is the actual date not the 21st)


  • Third Strike (PS2)
  • Super Turbo (PS2)
  • Smash Brothers 64 (N64)
  • Capcom vs SNK 2 (PS2)
    Street Fighter Alpha 2
    TMNT Tournament Fighters (Tentative)
    Street Fighter 2: Anniverssary Edition
    Vampire Savior (Tentative)

All games will have a $2 entry fee with the exception of Third Strike which will be $5 and possibly CVS will be 3-$5 it depends. Any game that has a minimum of 5 ppl will run a round robin format to determine the winner

Rules: Everyone should know the rules for all the games by now and if you dont then ask and I’ll tell but since Smash isnt primary in many tournaments I’ll post the rules for that which is
Smash 64

  • $2 entry
    -1 game double elimination
    -5 Stock/Stage will be set at random
  • 2/3 3 stock double elimination

Also anyone that comes in, once you pay to enter just ask for me.

Soon the New York Saturday Night Wars…


You put 4/21 in the title, and then 4/14 in the first post.

Justin has a CF tournament / ranbat on the 21st, so I guess clear this one up?

Also, take that ‘tenative’ off of TF, that shit is going down and you know it.


Yes I realized that Chibi I apologize! This actually is the 14th not the 21st. I have to ask a moderator to change the date for me since i cant change it.
About TF the thing is Im trying to find someone with a working SNES, or hell even an SNES period with the game. Otherwise we’ll have to hope Vic, or Saiyd come through! If so yeah of course its game!

Try talking to some of the folks in the w2z thread, didn’t a few of them say they owned an SNES and the game?

I’m trying to come up with a legit snes for this, but the thing is no one seems to make converters for ps1/ps2 to snes =/

I still have my SNES, I can donate it to the REVOLUTION, I just don’t have the wires for it anymore.

And I’m pretty sure anyone playing TF is going to be fine using SNES controllers.

Hell, I have my own damn ASCII pad for it~


man snes pads make your fingers bleed. fuck that. I found a place that sells converters but they want $20 each and im not sure I wanna swing that atm.

True :rofl:.

Well this is the pad I have, perhaps we should buy another?

hey its rare i post so listen up…

I will be bringing my SNES FRIDAY at w2z…chibi or jeron or if anyone wants to pick it up I will be glad to give it to ya…I do not have the game but since I saw TMNT movie I say I should help out…you guys have my aim so hit me up.

I always found SNES pads to be real good for TF! Definetly not Street Fighter though!:looney:

I wont be able to make it to web2zone friday Alex but thanks for the offer though. Maybe I can stop by there sometime next week I dunno yet but yeah I’ll contact you on AIM, I dont have yours btw!

I can see that the real hassle is going to be in actually finding this game or someone that has it which is going to be a headache in itself!:looney:
Unfortunatley Saiyd commited sin by giving his game away! :frowning:

my aim is lightxdream… drop me a line…btw I can call the store near my store that sells old school games and see how much they want the game for?..hows that?

edit : Just called the store…THEY GOT IT FOR $30 …so if ppl wanna chip in thats fine.

Wait, this is the 14th, yes?

Shit, I’ll be at TGA :P.

If u wanted i know a game store Jeron that basically sells every system litterly from ataris to ps3s ( of course if he has ps3s) And like every LAST saturday of the month he has what he calls a nava meeting, basically everyone who wants to can bring there own stuff in , put it on the ground and sell/trade to other in the store so , if ur lookin for a snes or any other system it’s possible u can pick one up there cheap i got my snes off someone at t he nava meeting for $15 basically so it works out nicely and i got x2 controllers ect. if ya want the info on the store just say

Would that store happen to be in NY? Well yeah I’ve been talking to some ppl and yeah appearantly the game is still around, hopefully I can have everything by next week! but yeah 15 bucks is a sweet deal. Even with emu’s nothings better than the original :slight_smile:
Thanks for the info though!

Well I talked to NYClan this weekend and they want to push the time of the gathering early because appearantly they JUST told me theres gonna be a Smash Tournament that day so this is cancelled! thats the only one I hear…u sure O.o or is this one of those little lan things?

srry je i almost forgot i posted on here >.< LOL been busy lately. ummm no srry dude, it’s an owned by someone himself it’s not like a gamestop or anything he only has 1 store, it’s in Clifton NJ. not far from NY maybe like 15 min from city ? 20 max pends on how fast u drive/traffic?