Saturday September 4th - Martinez House gathering

YOOOOOOOOOOOOO i got the house to myself. Im posting this up to see if there is interest in people coming over and playing on saturday all day. might as well practice before the keystone event.

it will be from 5:00 to whenever. Booze and weed and any other posions are allowed.

so if you can make it, post up. ill take the regulars before randoms. if theres enough interest ill post back tonight to confirm for tommorow.

Dope, I dont live in Antioch anymore, but Ill see what’s up.

dude i’m so down for this, i can bring a console too. how many monitors you got?

Harrison and myself will be there.

Yo, I’m down for this.

vdon and harrison you are a go, grimmz, come through and bring a set-up. Mario come through as well.

so far we have one 360 and one ps3 setup.

P.S we will have a setup for the DC version of marvel

anyone else post up or call me.

I can bring a 360 set-up. Just text me the address.

i need addy

addy is 118 Arana Dr, MArtinez, CA, 94553.

k my first ride flaked out on me so im workin on another