Saturday/sunday session in the 925 (clayton)

just wanted to get a feel for how many people would be interested in making the journey out to clayton (pretty far in off the highway) if i held a session at my place. the place is spacious and there are no parents there this weekend so we can drink, smoke and play some fighting games.

I’ll be playing ssf4 but i could have setups for some of the older games like mvc2 if interested people want to come out.

Please let me know if your interested as if there aren’t enough people i wont bother hosting.

update: if this goes down it will be on sunday.

I’m down dude. Recently moved here from South Korea, but I used to live in the Bay when I was a kid. I remember Clayton and can definitely find my way out there from Oakland.

Let me know whats up and I’d be down to come out regularly. PM me and we can exchange numbers.

Hey I live in concord and I’ll be around since college is out for like a month. I can bring something if you need, got a PS2 with a bunch of fighting games (CvS2, GGXX, SF3…) and a Wii for TvC. If I’m free, I’m definitely down to come out.

ill go with my bro and a friend, will this be on xbox360? or ps3? i can possibly bring a setup if my friend is coming.

Hey also I’ve got an xbox360 and a japanese PS3 (doesnt matter really because PS3 games arent region coded IIRC) along with three fightsticks, a Qanba and two TE’s. Promise to treat them nicely and I’ll bring them if you guys or the organizer wants.
Also, if anyone lives in the East Bay area (Oakland, Richmond, Emeryville, EL Cerrito) maybe as far up as Vallejo and as far down as maybe Hayward, I can give people a ride (up to four other people).

PM me.

^Well if were doing PS3 or 360, im outta luck either way, I need to borrow something. I dont destroy anything, im not a dick haha.

And ill bring my stuff too, so yeah trade and trade, eye for an eye…

If its Sunday I am in. but itll have to be the afternoon

cool if its Sunday i will be there just let me know if u need an extra ps3 or 360 set up

Sadly, I can’t make this.

I can spot you a stick Tyuhhi, but I just realized I don’t have my PS3 stick anymore, so if we’re on PS3 I’m going to have to borrow.

I do have an xbox and three sticks for that system, so I can bring those if we can stick with the box. I have a copy as well.

I’m willing to come out to this.

we need an address yo, and some confirmation of some sort also bout consoles too

Im down, Is it cool If we burn? I saw smoking so Im guessing weed.

^Lol “is this the 5 o’clock free crack givaway?!”

So whats the update?


THIS x2.

SWIM will bring some high end shake for rolling :slight_smile:

Come on OP, whats the deal?? is it happening? I can bring an xbox, a copy of super, and THREE xbox TE’s.

Two are sanwa and one is seimitsu.

So that’s one console and three sticks. If you REALLY REALLY need me to, I can bring a monitor. Samsung T240. Not the T240HD although I have an HDMI input.

Dudes Highlulu is sick at the moment, I just got a message from him yesterday saying that this session might not happen so don’t get your hopes up, let’s just make sure he’s feeling better first. If anyone else wants to vouch hosting a session in his place then let’s hear it even though it might seem to be a bit too late… :sad:

Hey everyone. Looks like highlulu is still sick. Doesnt look like its happenin.

We can have a sesh at my pad in like two weeks. Hit me up if you want in on that.

fuuck i was looking forward to this too! oh well just have to wait till KS2 Event at MGL