Saturdays in Riverside - Arcade Revival @ UCR

When and Where
Free console casuals, every Saturday on the campus of UC, Riverside. We’ll be in INT South, room 2130 from 3:00-11:00 every Saturday through June 1st.

UCR’s address is: 900 University Avenue Riverside, CA 92521
Check out the map to help find the right building and nearby parking.

The Games
Mahvel is our main game, everybody plays MvC. SF4, Tekken, and Persona all get players too. For more obscure stuff we got at least a few guys that’ll play anything and we tend to have a copy of just about everything on hand.

The Equipment
We play on a mix of 360’s and PS3’s. Please bring your own stick/pad. If you have a setup you can bring in we have plenty of space.

Who We Are and What We Do
We’re Arcade Revival, a student organization at UC, Riverside. Join our Facebook group. We’re fighting game players that want to build up the local community; we want to get players together and level up. The college gives us a free venue to play and community members bring in setups (again, if you can bring one in everybody appreciates it). Anybody is welcome to come out, whether or not you’re a student at UCR.

What up Fenn, this is Thompson. It’s been a while. I’ll try to make it out this Saturday.

let’s goooooooooooooooooooo

We’ll be streaming our casuals starting this Saturday, check it out:

Don’t think I can come on the 4th. Next time!

Can’t make it this week either, sorry. :’(

We’re there every week, don’t sweat it mang.

My brother and I will be attending UCR this September, do you guys still play?

Yeah, we’re there every Saturday!

Do any of you guys play KOF XIII? Driving all the way down the the O.C. is starting become a real bitch lol, I need to play somewhere closer

Actually yes, since Evo a few of us have picked the game back up. None of us are winning TRB anytime soon but, yeah, we’re down to play.

cool, looking forward to playing KOF with some local people

I just recently moved to Riverside from Texas, so I might check this out… how many players usually show up?

During the summer we get in the neighborhood of 6-8, when the university is in session we see about double that.

That’s awesome. I’ll try to make it out there by bus tomorrow, considering I don’t get lost. 3-11 right? I’ll try and stay as long as I can, but I will need to catch a bus back home (near Van Buren.)

The OP says it’s a mix, but will most of the setups be PS3 or 360? I play on a PS2 pad, but my 360 converter broke rather recently. My ps3 converter works fine, however. I don’t know how I’d feel about bringing my PS3 on a bus. lol

EDIT: I’m looking at this from Google Maps starting from where my bus drops me off, and I’m already lost. @___@

EDIT2: Okay, I think I found it now that I compared it to your map. Would it be possible to trade with someone’s phonenumber incase I get lost there?

You guys do have umvc on 360 right JS ??? :0

That was really fun. Can’t wait to go again.
I’m Gladys by the way.
I have umvc3 on xbox also. I’ll bring it next time if it’s necessary.

We have more 360 setups than PS3, and we definitely have Mahvel on 360 but more copies of games/setups/sticks never hurts to have if y’all don’t mind bringing 'em.

I can bring KoF MK9 and ssfiv for ps3 unless you guys already have loads of those

Do you guys carpool to WNF?