Saturn Controller Options for PS4

Does anyone know if any of the following controllers work on PS4:

Sega Saturn USB PC/Mac Pad
Sega Saturn PS2 Edition Pad via Converter?
Regular Sega Saturn pad to PS4 converter?

Wondering what my options are. It’s rare to see this discussed anywhere. The PC Saturn pad worked on PS3 without a converter and IIRC the PS2 version worked on 360 with a converter.

Also bonus question: if a converter is needed, or even if it’s not, does anyone have any experience with input lag, does it lag at all?


Get the PS2 to PS4 Brook converter and use the PS2 version.

I going to break it down like so

Sega Saturn USB PC/Mac Pad - As is no
Sega Saturn PS2 Edition Pad via Converter - depending on the converter
Regular Sega Saturn pad to PS4 converter - also varries

PS3 controllers generally don’t work on the PS4.

For PS3 controllers I would recomend the Brook converter
Sega Saturn and PS2 controllers you could make your own converter with a PS4 PCB and a Toodles FG Widget Converter board and the appropriate extension cord for the female end.

But the easiest way is to use a Brook PS2 to PS4 converter with the PS2 Saturn controller.

Until the next PS4 firmware update breaks it, again

True, but it’s cheap and easy and at worst you have a back up option with an 8 minute time out. At that point, I would roll my own. Use the Brook for a Player 2 converter.

The Brook people are usually fast to release a new firmware to fix any issue their converters are having. The Sega PS2 controller is super rare and expensive, you’d be lucky to find one under $200.

Yes the Sega PS2 Saturn controllers gotten really over priced.
I also prefer to use native boards as much as possible.

Doesn’t it depend on the game? My logitech USB controller doesn’t work by default, but once I run MKX the PS4 recognizes it.

Sega USB controller might work with MKX and games with the SkullGirls drivers, but it will not work with the Brook converters, it doesn’t have a home button.

Roll your own saturn to ps4 converter using toodles fgw converter board is your best option.

If you don’t already have the PS2 Saturn pad I would do what @Darksakul and @Gummo suggest.

What about the Chronus Max? Or is that not yet PS4 compatible.

A member by the name of dirty pop is offering to sell me a modded Sega Saturn (I.E. actual Saturn pad for the SS console) modded, apparently using a Hori Fight Commander and Converter and a PS4 converter made by ‘gummo’. Is this legit or a scam?

If @Gummo made it I assure you that it’s legit.

The converter made by Gummo won’t get patched out by firmware updates, because it uses a PCB that was officially licensed by Sony. Only annoyance is that some buttons don’t work at times, you’ll have to reset the converter and remap the buttons by holding start for 10 secs, it doesn’t happen very often though.

Avoid the Chronus Max. Its a POS.

One of the main reasons I don’t like building converters anymore. That button issue is an issue with the decoder board and beyond my control. Makes it look like I was the one who made a mistake when I didn’t.

What about lag guys? That’s my #1,000,000 concern. Only concern.

The converter by Gummo? No lag