Saturn controllers on a 360?

Does anyone know if there is a non-uber hacky way to use Saturn controllers on a 360? I want to use my arcade stick :chat:

I already have a usb saturn controller, is it possible to plug this into the extremely expensive pc converter add on? Or would the best method be to convert my Saturn pads to ps2 then use a ps2 to 360 adapter?

Anyone had any experience with this?:cool:

PS2 Saturn pad into an XFPS. (Requires wired 360 controller to bypass security check). Only way I know of.

XCM cross battle adapter plus

I just noticed an adapter to use ps3 controllers on the 360… as ps3 controllers are usb based, do you think a pc usb controller would work with the adapter? Does anyone have any experience with this?

I’m leaning towards getting either a saturn to ps2 or a dreamcast to ps2 adapter, does anyone have experience with these adapters :chat:

Thanks for answering my bizarre adapter configuration questions :xeye:

What converter is that? I didn’t know one existed, or that it would even work, with MS’s security and all.

Sorry to get your hopes up, I’m afraid I misread =(