Saturn-pad on XBox 360? Or MadCatz Fightpad only viable option?

Gonna get an XBox 360 soon.

On PS3 and PC I can already use genuine Saturn pads with the (lagfree) “PC Magix Box USB” converter.

Now does this converter work on XBox 360, too?

If not, is there a Saturn-to-XBox360 converter available?

Or is the MadCatz fightpad my only viable pad option on XBox? At least these wired ones are supposed to be more reliable than their wireless PS3 counterparts.
Are they recommendable? And how long is the cable?

It is possible if you use a FGWidget convertor. It is an advanced mod. What the FGWidget convertor will do is it will convert your Saturn pad to output button presses to signals so you can hack any common ground pcb (including a Madcatz Fightpad PCB) to a port.

Indeed. Too advanced for me.

Since they’re currently cheap at Amazon UK I’ve just bought 2 fightpads (for 15 pounds each).
If I find them unusable maybe I’ll still try the mod after all.
(Or maybe pay one of you to do this for me. ;))

I wish mojochan still made these. I feel like an idiot not getting some when I had the chance.
Kei? Console Converters

Nothing compares to real Saturn pads. By that I mean PS2/USB chinese made Saturn style pads are not the same. Close but no cigar.