Saturn Pad + SF Anniversary Pad = Possible?

My main problem with the SF Anniversary Pad is that the D-pad is too loose and is all over the place, and when I go for two-three button presses it automatically hits start as well. So I thought maybe I could just put the SF AP board in a Saturn Pad Casing? In theory, would this work?

Nah, doesn’t work, sizing’s all wrong. Tried it, failed. It was coupla years ago I tried…screwholes don’t line up, board doesn’t fit properly, and even if it did, the Saturn pad button config’s too close for the AC pad’s design.

you can cut a psx/t5 board down and wire it to the saturn contacts on the pad. It’s pretty hard tho.

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Just use the PS2 Saturn Pad…Works great

I would if any of the import stores still had some in stock =( I don’t want to pay ParryAll 80$-100$ either =P Poon, wanna make one for me? =)

hmmm, i’d consider it if the price was right. pm me an offer. :slight_smile:

Is there link for the tutorial to do this?

I haven’t seen any tutorials. Maybe try the padhacking thread?