Saturn Pad v MadCatz FightPad


I’ve never owned a Saturn Pad. Though i’ve been considering picking one up lately. Even though I have an arcade stick i’m far better on a pad. (im still terrible though.)

Could any of you guys tell me if there is any difference between the 2 pads?


Saturn pad will likely last longer, might not work on a 360 though. MadCatz pad is larger so it’s better for bigger hands.


I only have Saturn pads for the original Saturn so I don’t know if there are any differences for all the new USB versions for PC and PS3. I also had a couple of the Madcatz pads for Xbox 360. The dpad on the Madcatz kind sucks IMO … and is much better on the Saturn pad. The buttons are much better on the Madcatz though, especially if you like playing with the pad rested on your leg, and using your fingers to press the buttons and not your thumb.

You can get the PS3 pad (likely the bootleg stuff) for pretty cheap on Focal Price. Here is a link to the white one. You can get a black one as well. offers USB Control Pad for PS3 Video Game (White) ,discount USB Control Pad for PS3 Video Game (White),USB Control Pad for PS3 Video Game (White) products,low price USB Control Pad for PS3 Video Game (White),cheap USB Control Pad for P


The Saturn pad IS higher quality and more durable, BUT it won’t work on the 360 without some kind of adaptor that allows you to use the security chip the 360 needs to recognize the control pad.

So far, these adaptors appear to be only available for PS3 controllers to use on 360.

Microsoft has made things really difficult for people who want to use older controllers and alternate system hardware on their latest console.

There are adaptors that let you use the Saturn pad on other game systems but not the 360 specifically… again, it’s the security chip issue.

At least one SRK member has made an adaptor for the old Saturn pad to use on the PS2 I believe. I believe he’s Mojochan.

It wouldn’t matter even if you got the USB Saturn pad. Again, no support for 360 with that because of the security chip. I believe the USB cables are the same between 360 and PS3 but without the embedded security chip or an expensive converter (which makes using a 360 controller mandatory) those pads are useless on the 360, too.


FGWidget Converter.

Used with Common Ground Xbox 360 Controller PCB will make for Saturn to Xbox 360 Converter.


i use the saturn pads exclusively… until i start/finish my se modding (just bought it 15 minutes ago)
i stand by my belief that they were god’s gift to capcom fighters. i have 4 (2 generic, 2 from sega) and love them!


well I think I might look into getting one as soon as I can. I want to give my arcade stick abit more of a go before I give up on sticks.


This. Read up the welcome document:


Amen to that!

Sixteen years later and I swear that the best digital pad I’ve EVER used was the Sega Saturn pad.

Way, way better than the competition’s controllers and to this day the most comfortable six-button pad I’ve ever used, too. I routinely the USB versions to play games in emulation on MAME and SNESX.

It’s a mystery that Sega screwed up with the Dreamcast pad and (to a lesser extent) the Saturn 3D Analog pad.

The Saturn 3D pad wasn’t bad as a 3D pad but it was horrible when I tried to use it as a digital pad. Very uncomfortable D-pad and the buttons weren’t great for quick action, either.

Always used the standard Japanese Saturn digital pad for fighters and most of my racers and Panzer Dragoon with the exception of the the FPS games and Manx TT. You definitely can’t play FPS or Manx TT with the regular digital pad on that system!


I like the Saturn controller’s d-pad, but I like the FightPad’s size and buttons more. The buttons are just more comfortable.

FightPad with Saturn’s d-pad would rock.


Do I hear a call for another frankenpad…?




I never played with the satarn pad but i heard its great. I like the Mad Catz. Its not great but solid. I also have the Hori Fight Commander 3. I really like this controller but its only PS3 and the PS3 version of Super lags so my links are but it feels more solid then the MAd Catz


Good to know I’m not the only one that feels that the Saturn pad is the King of 2-D fight pads. I used it on both my Saturn and Dreamcast, two great consoles for 2-D fighters. If I could use it with my 360 I might consider dropping my fightstick. If Madcatz was smart, they would design a similar d-pad because that is what makes the Saturn pad great.


I have a saturn franken fightpad v2 in the works if anybody is interested.


Those Frakenpads look like they would be fun. But they also look super complicated to use.


Curious. How so? I imagine people holding the saturn and madcatz pad on their knee the same way. I guess the project box part might be confusing, but it should be thought of as a convertor.