Saturn Pads and Virtua Stick Pro in Japan?

Two things I have always wanted are the Sega Saturn Virtua stick Pro (twin joystick) and Sega Saturn pads for PS2. But because of price and rarity I have never really bothered with trying to get them.

My friend’s boyfriend lives in Japan and is coming to the States next week and has offered to pick up stuff for me from Japan, and these two things are on my list. Would he have better luck finding these items over there? And is there anywhere in particular he can look for this stuff?

I don’t know what part of Japan he lives in, but supposedly he is very knowledgeable about arcade stuff so any ideas or suggestions are appreciated.

I was just reading something about this. Damn it I forgot where on the site it’s on the website if you want to check it out. Apparently theres a shop in Japan, I think it’s in the akihabara district, that sells vintage video game stuff. Check the website to see where it’s at. When I get home from work today I’ll look for it.

dude, can you get him to pick up like 20 saturn pads and sell them for like $50 new on SRK?

Thanks for the suggestion I’ll check that site out.

:rofl: Assuming he can get any, I told him to get as many as he can possibly find because that was one of the first things I thought of. They are probably just as rare in Japan as they are here though.

wasnt it like super potato or something like that?

^ bingo that’s the name of the store.

i couldn’t find any sega ps2 pads in japan either! Just looked at the akihabara news on super potato…Only if i had known.