Saturn pads for PS3

So whats the word on the Saturn pads for the PS3…last I heard the generic ones don’t work anymore?

Also, there is still no Saturn to PS3 converter?

All my searches pretty much pull up stuff form 2009 :frowning:

According to this post, the USB Sega Saturn pads seem to work post 3.5 update.

You can make your own Sega Saturn to PS3 converter using Toodles’ FGWidget PCB and a PS3 PCB.

I like the way the original pad feels over the PC one.

Thanks for that link, good to know that the generics still work. Now the question is, which one of the generics are the best? We all know how impossible it is to find the official ones.

I’ll just put in a word that the “retrolink” brand pads suck. The d-pad feels like it requires a hammer to trigger a press.

i bought an SLS from ebay last year, really good quality

If you can find a PC Magic Box USB converter you can use genuine Saturn pads. And those aren’t hard to find (<20$ each).

Everything works perfect and lagfree. Only the Start-Button doesn’t work (it’s Select instead). But outside Training mode you don’t need the Start-button. In Training mode you can just use the DS3 to bring up the menu.

Oh nice, now if I can just find one of those lol.

I have one I don’t use anymore. I’ll see if I can find it, it’s somewhere around the house.


Well, this merchant is selling one on German Amazon marketplace for 15 Euros: Neu und gebraucht: PC Magic Box 3 in 1 Converter

I can fully recommend the converter (works on PS3 and PC - dunno about XBox 360).

Geist, I happened to have found my converter. It’s on my PC desk right next to me. I just tested it out on my PS3 and it works fine, also, unlike the version john4P mentioned, mine converts the start button to the start button on the Saturn Pad, not select like that one. Select isn’t mapped to anything, and the Saturn pad layout is 123 for the bottom row, 456 for the top, and 78 for the L and R, and 9 for the Start button. You’d have to reconfigure your games to use it, since the PS2/3 pads are mapped differently.

It has some slight cosmetic wear, but perfectly good functionality. If you want I’d be happy to let it go. I don’t need it. PM me.

Is it the grey or the black one? I’d always heard the same story about it not mapping Start.

Black one with shitty looking white text on it, lol!

This is actually good information. I have two of the grey and one of the black. I don’t have a PS3 though.

It should map exactly the same on the PC, so if you open up the controller properties in Windows the black PC Joy Box should report the Start button as button 9, which should match the PS2/3 controllers. I wonder why the gray ones have it mapped to button 10?

Is it possible to converter hack instead of pad hack? If so, then stuff like this would be a great way to get PS3/PC compatible sticks without having to buy multiple PCB’s. I haven’t taken the converter apart at all to see if there are points for the buttom mappings.

Either way, I wouldn’t need it, since on my upcoming stick project I’ll be pad hacking a wireless PCB anyway.

When I am completed with my adapter project, I should post some pics here.
So far I got a Saturn Pad working on 360, I’ll add the PS3 support later.