Saturn stick by ascii have optical stick?

I’ve heard that the SNK and Capcom and a few other ascii sticks had optical sticks in them, anyone know if the saturn one has it also?

alright, thanks final_cut

I had that stick, and it was terrible. I’m pretty sure it wasn’t optical.

I had that stick and it was absolutely UN-USEABLE for either Streetfighter Alpha 2 or Virtua Fighter. If it has an optical stick it’s the world’s worst ever.

That stick looks like it uses the same insides as a game pad. Basically rubber pads with some black conductive material. I have a similar cheesy universal Pelican stick that doesn’t use any microswitches.

That stick has the rubber buttons to circuit board setup but the stick itself is microswitch. I didn’t find it too bad at all for SF.

Back in the day we didn’t need sticks. Sega Saturn pad FTW.

Sticks are definitely better tho.