Saturn Super Pad 8: 6 Button - Any good?

Been trying to learn stick for the last 5 months. I think I give up, lol.
Got one of these for $8.
What’s a good Saturn to PC converter? There isn’t one listed in the converter topic, and the only one I found was the Magic Box 3-in-1.

Also, what’s the saturn pad everyone’s always gushing over? There’s like 3 different models.

this style of pad:

is the platonic form of the gamepad that everyone gushes about.

That thing in your picture looks suspect.

3 in 1 Joybox supposedly works pretty well. And it is mentioned in the Adapter/Converter thread. I should know :wgrin:

Suspect eh? Well, I guess I’ll see when the converter gets here. It was $8 anyway, so it’s not like I’m losing much if it sucks.
I don’t like how the top 3 buttons are smaller on the saturn pad though.

Anyone know where I can get the PS2 version of that pad? Play-asia’s sold out, or they don’t carry it anymore.

Does this mean there will be a stick for sale in the trading forum?

That pad is sweet. I got two of those new and modded one for my PS2 and it is oh so nice on my thumb. For a 3rd party controller, that dpad is smooth as any you have felt. Dave Sirlin gave the super pad 8 a thumbs up in his blog too. He felt it was one of the best designed controllers evar (which was why I got the pads recently in the 1st place).


I take that back… Sirlin says it’s THE BEST designed controller EVER!!!

Good to hear. A thumbs up from Sirlin’s definitely a good sign.

Not unless you want a stick with a broken MK button.

What kind of stick?
And how much?

Hori EX2, but I don’t think I’m gonna sell it. I’ll probably still chip away at learning it, but I need a pad, so I can actually… play? – in the meantime.

How did you mod it for PS2? :confused:

I used to swear by that pad back when Saturns were being played, meanwhile my best friend swore by the pad Codyk link to. I tried it on the PC Joy Box 3-in-1 years and years ago, but the lag was so bad on it with that pad that I wound up giving both boxes away.

As for the pad itself, it’s defintely a favorite of mine. :tup: I still have on laying around here…actually, I have the one Codyk linked here, too. Just collecting dust.

The best control I ever had was on the default Saturn pad. Too bad there hasn’t been anything like it released in the US since.

Is the 3-in-1 converter that bad? Some people say it has input lag, others say it has none. What’s the deal? I only care about how this saturn controller will perform on it.

Those are pretty rare these days. I think every online vendor has been sold out for over a year. Check ebay for used ones.

If you play with your thumb, rather than your finger, the smaller raised top row of buttons actually makes the pad much, much better. You can tell where your hand is at all times, and you don’t have to worry about accidentally pressing the bottom row. Great for shootemups.

I use a stick for fighters though, so . . .

Any other opinions on the 3-in-1 Magic Box? It seems like it’s either I buy that or I shell out $100 for the PS2 saturn pad.

I have been planning to try out a very similar hack on this pad. Would you by any chance be able to elaborate for me on how you did this?

Same here…I got the White PS2 Saturn Controller from my friend on Xmas 2006

I think I have one in my closet if anyone is interested. Great pad.

I would be, but I don’t have $70-100 to blow on a pad.