Saturn to 360/ps3 adapter?


OK, I’ve been looking into these and came across 2 options.

  1. Guy named gummowned, who I’m guessing is known on this forum for making adapters. He sells them for $120 which I think is crazy. What do you guys think? How much does it cost for the parts yo make one? Asking just so I know how much I’m paying him for his work on making it.

  2. Second option is buying one from eBay from seller “spacemonkeyfromthefuture”. He makes his own also, but its a Saturn to ps2 adapter, which leads me to this question. Can I link it to other converters like the may flash universal adapter so I can use the Saturn controllers on 360/ps3? I asked the seller and he said “I was told you can link them” so he didnt seem 100% sure. So I’m hoping one of you guys might know, since you might know what goes into making these things.

If you guys know others that make these adapters or websites that sell them, pease let me know. Thanks.



For that amount buy a real Saturn PS2 pad. You can then convert to PS3/360. If you only care about PS3 there is a recent Saturn converter from Mayflash.

You can link converters but It’s not recommended for lag. There’s also this from a few years back. You will need to be a little handy for DIY.


FGWidget Converter and Cthulhu; Saturn to PlayStation 3.
FGWidget Converter and Multi-Console Cthulhu; Saturn to anything.

That is the parts Gummo uses.



@kyle…I can’t find any Saturn ps2 controllers on eBay. Heard there’s a lot of fakes and to get the sls one. That mod looks great but I have no chance of doing it without destroying the thing.


There aren’t fake PS2 pads, just USB. They sell for $70 - 100+ depending on what you come across. Keep an eye out on eBay for them. I wouldn’t be opposed to paying for a good mod. You might see if someone could pair Toodles board with a PS360+ etc for multi-console compatibility.


I can attest for his saturn mods. I have a one with a dual strike smd. works like a charm on ps3, no on mac, apparently yes on Windows. Can not confirm as i have not touched windows for 3 yrs. Well worth the price. I believe he now uses MCC’s which is wayyyy nicer. If you cannot find a ps2 one call up Gummo, he does fine work.


@kyle, OK thanks. Is there any differences in getting a ps2 Saturn pad or buying a converter from gummo? The ps2 Saturn pad works with linking adapters to play on 360 and all buttons map fine?

Also do you sell your mod?
If yes, how much?

@phaedrus…I would get the the mod from gummo if he wasn’t charging $120 for it. Might have to if I can’t find ps2 pad or any other alternatives.

@jdm714…thanks for the links.


The parts are expensive MadCatz TE/SE 360 Pcb Cthulhu $35+Imp$10+FGW Convertor$15 + Project box $5 two Neutrik $26 = $91 and that not including the 360 pcb that was raped from a working fightstick plus time cutting the boards down to size its a lot of work

Both would be the same PS2-Saturn (rare expensive) + if it breaks your screwed and you will still need an adapter so it will still cost more than $120
Gummo’s adapter you can use any saturn pad there a lot cheaper and easier to find

Both use adapters unless your using it on ps2


can the 3 in 1 PC joybox work on a 360? I know it does on PS3.




Thanks rooster…I’m good on an adapter. Ordered the mayflash universal from eBay last week for $15. I see what you’re saying by if the ps2 Saturn pad breaks I’ll be out $80 or so dollars, whereas if the regular Saturn pad breaks, I’ll only be out $15. But what if somehow gummos adapter breaks…does he repair it for free?

Just to make sure,…gummos adapter is for a normal Saturn pad to be played on both 360 and ps3 right?


I’m not sure of his policy but its a simple fix and yes it works for any saturn anything I think but not sure it also works for any ps2 input as well
did you see the cost break down I updated the post above


Yea, just saw it, thanks. I guess the $120 is fair then. Might have to give in and get one.


One question. Why is it so cheap for the may flash adapter that plays 360 on ps3 and ps2/3 on 360? Are the parts just cheaper to make those or something?


Just pm him he might be able to do a bare bone kit for you for just the 360. I could do one for you for just the 360 but I don’t want to step on fellow modders toes I know he needs to pay that rent


Mass produced + cheap labor


figures, looks like I might cave and buy one once I get more cash.


Rooster…I messaged you in your profile.


The adapter Gummo offered to build for you can do a lot more than just Saturn to 360 ! It’s a (PS2/Saturn/SNES) to (any console but genesis) adapter !
Ask confirmation from him, but I guess he uses MC Cthulhu + FGW Converter like others said.
And the price is good, regardless of what you think