Saturn to Wiimote Adapter


I’d like to use a Saturn controller connected to my Wiimote but can’t find a proper solution.

The only real options I found were the Wii Retropad Adapter 2 ( and the Mayflash W011 ( The Brazilian guy making those Retropads didn’t post anything since 11/2012 and doesn’t even have a site notice with a mailing address so I don’t know what to think about sending that guy money to the other side of this planet. The manufacturers of Mayflash told me their adapter isn’t out yet but couldn’t tell me when it would be. Since the PC version has been released quite a long time ago and the design looks pretty old-fashioned, I don’t really expect them to come out with this thing at all in the end.

Now I’m thinking about using a PS2-to-Wiimote adapter and getting an SLS Saturn PS2 pad. But the original ones are extremely rare as well as pricy.
There are quite similar ones like the ASCII Pad FT2 or the Street Fighter Anniversary Controller by NubyTech but I read the FT2 was claimed to be a bit worse than the FT for the DC and these NubyTech pads are quite ugly even though the building quality seems to be better than all this MatCatz Fightpad rubbish.

Has anyone experiences with this? Or maybe even better solutions?


Connect an FGW Converter (with Saturn input) with a PiiWii PCB (for Wii Classic Controller output), along with a Wii CC cable, and a Saturn female controller port (from an extension cable)
The first three can be purchased here:

You’re best off cannibalizing a Saturn extension cord for the female Saturn port.


Took the words out of my mouth.


Thanks but this sounds pretty complicated.
I’m a complete newbie when it comes to soldering, is it difficult?



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