Saturn Virtua Stick

I just bought a Saturn Virtua Arcade Stick (US Version). I got it cheap, I wanted the JAP version but I couldnt find it and the ones I did find were in Japan, too costly. If anyone knows where I can find one (again, JAP virtua stick) lemme know. Anyway, just wondering if someone owns one of these and can give me some feedback on the quality and response. I dont expect much seeing as I paid only $10 bucks for it, but Id like to know if its good for online play (kaillera, GGPO) or if I should just trash it or sell it off.

Is it the one that looks like this:

or the one that looks like:


The first one is good for modding (not as great as the Hori Fighting Stick SS but still ok). The second one is total crap.

Its the second one man… fuck! There goes $10 out the window… I wanted the 1st one of course but too pricey and the S&H was too much (ebay, in Japan). Thx for ur input… guess Ill stick to the pad for now.

There is a reason that stick cost $10 new and actual new first party Saturn pads (Japanese and 2ng generation US models) are more expensive. I don’t even think that stick uses microswitches…

Yeah ur right actually, my Saturn pads costs me a lot more (brand new) than this crap stick… I shoulda known but wishful thinking got the best of me… Lemme see if I find a DC/Saturn stick on the trade and sell boards.

Just get some adapters.

Yeah I got adapters for my Saturn pad but its not the same as a stick, man… i fumble and fuck things up. Plus the response blows goats sometimes. So far, its the best I got, certainly better than those Saitek contraptions… guess ill just have to submit and fork over some hard cash for a good stick.