Saturn vs PSX in 2D fighting games

Sorry for my english, I can’t explain very well…
There is a big difference beetween PSX and Saturn in 2D games ?

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saturn had more built in ram plus option to add even more, and a powerful processor. If u ever play xmen vs. street fighter or marvel vs. street fighter, hell, even the alpha series you will see they are arcade perfect games. They have no frames missing, little load time, big sprites etc. psx couldnt handle it x men vs. street fighter and ff real bout showed that.

in the end psx was good for 3d & saturn good for 2d.

Marvel Super Heroes Saturn version was STILL shit, even with the RAM card.

So it wasn’t all good in the hood with the Saturn for 2D… :tdown:

yeah but that was early on when they were still working on the development of the card, because they first came out w/ the 4 meg ram card for kof 96 and other games then the 8 for the vs. series, too bad it wasn’t backwards compatable though, would have kept marvel super heroes on saturn from being boosheet.

What really pisses me off of all this is that there will never be a decent console version of such a great game like MSH. :sad:

4 meg cart was for Capcom games, SNK only ever used 1 meg carts, though I think SNK games were later compatible with Capcom’s 4 meg carts.

First 4 meg cart was for XSF not KOF96.

WTF you talking about man? 1MB and 4MB… Also KoF had a ROM cart, not a RAM cart.



Close thread…

just get the PC version of everything :wink:

Sega Saturn Had Less Loading Times when it comes down to 2D Fighting Games especially if you have the 4MB Card that plays the games sweet. It was the best thing next to the arcade counterpart. Dreamcast is sort of similar to how the 2D games load very fast.

Saturn was better for 2D, and PSX was better for 3D… end of thread.

Only one kof game had a rom cart which was 95 which came with the game, the rest used RAM carts 96 using the 1mb and 97 using the 4mb also it could use the 1mb one to. maybe you’re thinking 95 because that was the only one to have an offical pal release

superking is right later snk games used the 4mb off the top of my head RBS 97 wakuwaku 7, but none of them were really that good, 97 had poor load times and crappy sound, waku 7 was plauged with slowdown and RBS well i usually use the 1mb and dont notice a difference at all, still suffers with slowdown even with the 4mb, capcom games games benifited alot more, VS xmvsf mvsf zero 3

alot of people say how the saturn was the best for 2d fighters, but it was also really good for 2d shooters to, some 2d shooters even used the 1mb cart like battle garrega or is it thunderforce 5 i’ll have to fire them up it’s been a while, overall the saturn was a good machine if not great, but lets not sell the psx short it had alot of good shit for it 2d rpgs

The SNK RAM games only used the 1MB RAM cart; in fact, there are occasionally compatibility issues (and no advantages) running the 1MB games with a 4MB RAM cart, esp. in KOF96. All the later versions of the Action Replay 4M Plus work fine in any situation though.

Among shooters, only Cotton 2 could make use of 1MB extra RAM. The SS was exceptional enough to be able to power its assortment of visually brilliant shooters with its own hardware.

Among multi-platform 2D fighters, the only game more accurate on the PS is ST.

Yeah, but at least you could tag-team in that game!

PSX MvSF: sure, you had two man teams… but you could only select one of them, to fight best 2 of 3 rounds… using your partner only for tag assists.

And you could only have had tag battles if both players had the same teams. :annoy:

Which version of MARVEL SUPER HEROS are you playing?