Sauga 2013 Thread




Why not?

Don’t know anyone in Sauga who plays skull girls but I wont knock you for trying.

Now I will be training the city to be the best My Little Pony players when it comes out.

new forum format looks like butts

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<div class=“QuoteText”>new forum format looks like butts</div>

ur right, the forums look like ass<br>

Anyone actually play in Mississauga? Or do you have to go to Toronto for anything? I should be moving there in a week or two, so I’m looking for a new place to play. Marvel mostly.

people do play in mississauga but its a little private (all at houses) so I would suggest showing up to casuals first and meeting some of us first and then going from there.

last post 3 months ago. lol so different from back in the days where the last post is like 3 mins ago