Sauga April Thread

W00t I finally made a thread. Knowing me, it’s probably still march, and i’ve got the date wrong.

Anyway, summer almost here. :clap:

And I think it’s safe to say that Tylor is a noob at pop analysis.

I’m not coming today. I am however coming tomorrow at 2:00pm - 5:00pm so everyone that can make it do make it.

Wow, I broke my own code of ethics and made an argument on the internet. Something’s wrong with me. Damn…

Either way, I don’t buy that you people can actually distinguish between Coke and Pepsi. If you do a taste test and get it right 10 times in a row (with me as a witness), then I’ll believe you people. And this is the last thing I’ll say about this retarded topic.

I should arrive at EMTC 2-3 today. Someone please be there. My brother said the right side is still screwed up. I hope it’s magically fixed by the time I get there.

Next tourny, bring a few cans of both, and i’ll tell you the difference 10/10. I smoke, so my tastebuds are shot, but i can still tell pepsi is sweeter.

What’s your boy in the hospital for? What kind of surgery?

Emtc is so weird. The sticks work fine but the low blocking is still not 100% @

Well that’s better than not being able to jump back at all. That cost me $5 against some 1/2 decent unknown a few weeks back.

omg if you cant tell the difference b/w coke and pepsi you have a problem.

<3 cate’s house.

Shoppers World got all their games back. Pete and I are going around 7:00pm so if anyone is up for CvS2/MvC2/3S/ST then come.

quoted for truth
if you cant tell the difference then you suck, that is all :tup:

ps. my weekend got fuckin owned :sad:

people should check msn / turn phones on

or u can just tell which one is pepsi, cuz it has less buble when u pour it.

EMTC will and always be weird…whats even weird is Teddy’s hair…I couldn’t recognize him.

James: what could possibly have owned your weekend?

I played for over 3 hours today at Skybox. It’s so nice that the machine work. Last time the CvS2 machine worked this good was ummm…I don’t remember. I had absolutely no problem with playing on the right side. I saw a scrub having trouble jumping forward but I think that’s just him and his poor body coordination.

Good games to Alex, Calvin, Roger, Gerjay, White guy with head phones and brown guy. It’s quite a miracle that I played so many people. Usually I only get to play John Fraser scrubs.

Thanks to Gerjay for hosting casual.

KFC owned Pete and I so badly. :tdown:

Cereal Box Marvel is top tier. :rolleyes:

Gerjay’s cat attacked my leg. :sad:

Where was CQ? :confused:

Sorry Pete, i took the last chicken…it was SOO SOO good.

Gerjay…i was impressed with the games you and i were having alone, i only wish everybody else could of seen it!!

GG, thanks for hosting Jason, goodluck with the studying.

HAHAHAHAHAHA, Jerris stole the chicken. hahahah

I’m proud to anounce i am once again master of the universe. I beat Bry 4 times in a row at Dan’s yesterday. I didn’t anounce i was challenging for the title, but after a little convincing Bry agreed i deserved the title and donated it to me. I mean…beating bry once is hard, beating him 4 times in a row is some tihng only the MASTER OF THE UNIVERSE can acomplish

im in mississauga, port credit. sadly there are no arcades around that have 3S that i know of. do any of you guys know of any? im tired of playing on xbox.

No arcades with 3S around here. :sad:
Only Skybox at Erin Mills, with MVC2, CVS2,MVC1, CVS1, but I think you’re pretty far from there too.