Sauga August 2008 Thread

Sup naygers…

Figured I’d create a thread since I never have in all the years I’ve had this account lol.

Oh and Teddy that 24 movie is gonna come out in the fall…

*Two-Hour 24 Prequel Coming this Fall
Source: The Hollywood Reporter
March 6, 2008

The producers of Fox’s “24” are developing a two-hour “prequel” to the upcoming seventh season, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

The movie, designed to bridge the two-year gap between Seasons 6 and 7, is targeted to air in the fall, leading to the January return of the real-time drama. On Wednesday, “24” producers began securing the show’s core cast members for the film.

The upcoming seventh season is set in Washington and features the first female U.S. president, played by Cherry Jones.

The “24” writing team is back at work, with filming on the remaining episodes of the seventh season slated to begin in April.*

Just a reminder I’m looking to host casual tonight.

so disappointed in the movie trailer :frowning:

whats good tonight after 11?

looooooool michael jordan is such a scumbag

jordan’s a G, fuck kobe.

you don’t gotta hate one to like the other.

Anyone know where I can watch streaming anime? And any recommendations? I liked Elfen Lied, Bebop,Yu Yu Hakusho etc.

Also is Beck any good?

Man I just found out the degen I’ve been gambling with at work…is like…8k in debt.

Do I continue crushing him or just stop gambling with him? We’ve been betting $5 a game in baseball and Im up like 8 games on him. Hes a nice guy…just…a sick degen, I’m gonna feel bad getting his money this week. asdfsdfsdg

Take money go shopping

just buy him lunch once in a while, saying it on you cuz you won some random bet from him. Think of it this way, if u dunt win his money, he going to lose it to someone else.

You don’t have what it takes to be a true gambler if you’re not willing to take money from people who are already in the hole.

The difference is I consider him a friend rather than a random. There’s a difference between someone you see everyday and talk to rather than some guy who you see at a casino who tells you some sad story about being in debt. At least I think there is.

And Yuhin that’s exactly the problem. I feel like I can’t win. If I don’t win it it’s going somewhere else. If I do win, he’ll probably get more money and it’s going somewhere else.

The problem is not really the bets, maybe it’s just knowing someone that’s truly a problem gambler, and being part of the problem.

That’s a different story, if you really consider him a friend, then you instead of winning his money, you should be trying to show him he has a problem. If that’s not the case, lunch is on him.



make that fucker hang himself

The only problem with gambling is not winning.


big tune

big video to go with it

as soon as I saw felix I knew it would be good.

And I don’t care what you guys think about me, but 103.9 proud fm has some sick mix/remixes.

Code Geass is too good, I’ve been missing out.

if u actually consider him a friend, try to convince him to get professional help, cuz beside that, you really cant to anything, if he not willingly to change.