Sauga August Thread

Suck it.

:rolleyes: The thread that keeps on giving :rolleyes:

Way to (not) link.

One time let me win.

Whos up to go to windsor? :slight_smile:

Home from NYC, will post a log tommorow or some shit. Crazy trip.

my new co-worker is a retard…

where’s it at?

I’m back from hiding!!!

I was not disappointed. . . which is hard considering I said to my self that if it didn’t end a certain way I would hate the book. Good times. EVERYBODY should read it through from beginning to end, insane how much stuff was carried through all the books.

7 posts after 7 days

whoa guys slow down. the flame wars and drama have come to an alltime high and i cant keep up reading all this spam…shit!

ok yea, its my birthday this saturday and i’m gonna be doing some thing either friday or saturday (not sure yet). I’ll post up in here tommorow when i know, so if you’re free and wanna swing by for a pint (where ever we are) feel free.

Any one have a video camera that wants to film me doing this 12 beers in an hour bull shit. I’ll even up the anti and go for 14.

bottles or cans?

lol hayvrens a monster

Well the guy did it with only 10 seconds to spare.

Lemme know when you’re gonna do it, i wanna run the century club challenge at the same time.

I’m fucking game when ever. Next time there’s casual gwannin let me know, i’ll destroy buddys record.

bbq/casual today at my house. my rents are planning on leaving in the mid afternoon so just wait for me to post before you guys reach over.


its clear you all want to go to the js tourney
note that js wont be there.

god i wish i lived in sauga.
in other news, with my new computer im prolly gonna start wow.
any suggestions?

Rethink this carefully.