Sauga August Thread

well my rents have decided (unless my mom convinces my dad otherwise) that they’re not leaving till around 8 or 9pm. so yeah, again. wait for me to post before reaching over

That was pretty sweet Matt :stuck_out_tongue:

Roll a lock or Priest. Preferably UD. And join a good pvp guild DO NOT RAID, trust me do not fucking raid.

WTF, ECC?!???


So losing to Commy wouldn’t mean I lose. . . GG :frowning:

Casual at Matt’s house this friday!?

ninja edit: 14 beers in an hour you say!?


my cottage this weekend. matt can you drive?
this is for reals.

For my 4000th post, I’m going to say that I think I’m supposed to go to the EX. . .

Did you make arrangements for a ride? Are you already going to be downtown?

Food Building > *

I have no way of getting there right now, I’ll be coming from sauga. Somebody drive me!

You might want to ask CQ. I don’t know how many people he’s taking.

Unblock me from MSN you ass. You’re done with your precious Harry Potter.

On a completely unrelated note, I’m going to be returning Stephen’s camcorder soon (he basically loaned it to me 3 years ago) and I’ve got a lot of footage that was never released. If there’s material you know I should have that hasn’t been released and would like it put online please let me know.


^^^ +1


just the stuff of me playing gerjay will suffice

everything plx.
the gerjay v jigga stuff aint exactly cliffhangers

did you just diss either gerjay or bry?!? BEEEEEEEEF.

i dont know what’s going on, but +1