Sauga August Thread


I’ll be coming to James thing as long as no one gets on my case about not smoking up with the rest of you guys. If that’s cool then I’ll be there for sure and bring my Agetec and possibly MASStick if it arrives on time.

Gerjay gets more homo by the day. Someone link him some pie.

Casual at my house on Thursday if anyone is interested (can’t have too many though).

go start a brampton thread faggot!

Don’t worry justin, i wont be smoking up either.

Jason can’t be that homo anyways…he thinks Carmela is hot

u say that like we really might care if u smoke our weed :rolleyes:

cant beleive gerjays a homo now, after all the stuff he did to cassie :stuck_out_tongue:

he’s bi you dumbass. Gerjay’s rocksolid 1 eyed monster does not diferentiate between sexes. IT JUST NEEDS TO FEED

summer school is done and now Im back. I havent played any of you guys in such a long time. Except Gerjay who I played 3 times this whole month and thats all the marvel I’ve been this whole month. I want to start to get back in this game again.

Chris P: are you still going to T5 for the 3 days. And are you giving me a ride still.

anybody sell PS2 games?

I’m going to Orbit with my bro on Friday or Sat. Please sell me some PS2 games befoe then so I don’t have to waste a lot of money at Pacific Mall

So who wants to go to orbit on friday? Friday night maybe?

im lookin to buy a cheap ps2, anyone selling?

Redneck dave had a link on stolen ones. Not sure if thats still around, i’ll ask.

I’ll try to make it to your house tomorrow James… depends on how much time it takes for me to get courses. If everything goes according to plan it would only take like… 10 minutes from 5 oclock… but then again, if a course gets filled up while I’m signing up on stuff, its over and changing up stuff/trying to set up my schedule properly could wind up taking a LONG time.

I wont be able to come till after 7, the usual.

are you guys gonna just play marvel at james’ CT or would you care for some ps2 3s?

Why play 3S on PS2 if you can’t use the MAS? I just don’t see the reasoning. You trade off the use of arcade sticks… for a slightly more ‘arcade perfect’ game which isn’t actually arcade perfect. What’s the point?

And now that that’s outta the way… yes… yes, marvel will be the main game as usual :stuck_out_tongue:

well ok, i suppose it doesn’t matter if it’s dc or ps2 3s that much. Practicing on the agetec is more important anyway.

Either way my Q with tauntx3 you all.

I was mostly wondering if I should even come, because if it’s like all marvel all the time i should just pass.

soo uhh

what time should we come ?

I read that like 5 times, and every time I read it, i read it as “Summer school is done, and now im black.”

People are saying James’ thing got moved to tomorrow ???

How come ??

James ???

I too would like to know wtf is going on

bah its already almost 7 and nobody has heard from james. I have a feeling its gonna be tomorrow (which is good cuz i cant come today :D). JAMES HAVE IT TOMORROW! lol. You could also have 1 today AND tomorrow… :p. I have the urge to go to orbit. Anything comming up with a UN or anything anytime soon? Besides t5 obviously. Or is anyone just randomly going up there any time soon? Let me know i might swing up there too with a few people that wanna come.

Well… I’m out all day tomorrow… so no luck with me.