Sauga December Thread


I know it’s early, but I always forget about the new month threads, so I figured that if I made it I wouldn’t forget about it…

Hopefully we can bring Sauga back this month. November sorta put us in a slump…


I’m bored. I just spent 5 hrs working my ass off on this project and I realized that I’m missing that period for band.

This is such a pointless post, but I need to subscribe to this thread.

BTW yuhin is cool cuz he watches naruto.


Does that make me cool as well?


16 more days before my winter break.
after tomo, i go into hermit mode and stay at home and study, and only come out for exams and food


Dang n here I am posting in the oldy thread^_^(stupid Me).

Anyways I know Skybox isn’t as great anymore but I’d like to hang there tommorow morning n play some people. Expect to see me around ten thirtyish. Come on everybody this is your chance to show off beating my ass into another corner as always(yes I’m still in the corner).

Thanks n Hope to see some of ya, peace!


anyone wanna play GB?


yo dirty i’ll be there at 11 ish till 1 or so if you wanna come during that time me and ramy will probably be there at them james and chris and a few other people come around 12:15…

ps: crono trigger is fucking amazing!:eek:


yeah ill be there at 12:15

ps:damn right! chrono trigger = best snes game


And yes, I would play GB if you asked me… You’re on buddy list, so just msg me whenever.


I’m going to be popping into Skybox this coming Thursday around 12:15pm for an hour or so if anyone is up for casual.


ill be there on thursday…even though i wasnt there today o.0


I own Chris with a controller :stuck_out_tongue:


Hey kid! ima computer! stop all the downloadin!


lol its so true… sometimes… lol… but yea i havent seen anyone that good on a controller :eek:


obviously u havent seen me play on controller :cool:


lol yea, James and I grew up on the controller


yeah that was back in the day…when cable was cheap cuz all i did was gun gun gun viper beam, and if the gun gun gun hit then id do a HYPER viper beam!:cool: …those were the days:lol:

edit: this was all before the infamous “you block too much” this dude told me while playing x-men vs sf

ps. we wana make a saugaGB clan and call it…saugaGB, anyone wana make it? Gerjay…im looking your way :rolleyes:


Ramy wishes he could do that combo :stuck_out_tongue:


wat is the comp spec to actually play gb?

i have a old comp.

btw like my new av?


:mad: somethings fucked… half of my postes havent been showing up on the site :bluu:

edit: uhh ok everything just popped up after i made another post… a whole damn page lol… anyways yea james u know im up for the GB clan