Sauga February 15th CvS2 Tournament (with no tourney mode)


Sorry about the lack of last names but I don’t usually do this:

1st - Kam
2nd - Roger
3rd - Eric (JS Master)
4th - Nick
5th - Rich (Fronar)
5th - Matt (EX_Matt)
7th - Jason (Gerjay_2001)
7th - Shumayel
9th - Calvin (The (1)one)
9th - Pete (Dr. Elephan)
11th - Justin (Nagata Lock II)
11th - Karan (Jikorocker)

GG’s to everyone that came out despite machines not being switched over and everyone having to be a bit more patient to get through the rounds. Good time for the mostpart.


And the tournament being finished in another arcade.


Gerjay beat Calvin…
Calvin got 9th…

just fyi


Roger beat Kam the 1st set of best of 3’s. Had a 1-0 lead in the second set too … but then Kam came back.

Just FYI … Roger is too good

Edit: according the the actual brackets … Jason did indeed beat Calvin.