Sauga February Threaad


Sauga February Thread

Starting this shit…

Thanks to Justin for having so many of us over. Despite my best efforts to have fun, it just got too boring (which wasn’t your fault). I can’t believe I used to enjoy these things…anything that takes 5+ hrs looking at a tv is fucking lame.

Good games to whoever I played. I couldn’t care less who I played though…


Lockdown was fun, but tiring. Big thanks to JUstin for hosting.

ST tourney never really got off the ground, but oh well. There’s still the metro tourney.

I still cannot play A3. Must find way to practice on arcade A3.

After getting a rude refresher in the cheapness of Morrigan in DS1 from Tyrell I proceed to get win streaks with Demitri, Bishamon and Victor. w00t.

I still cannot play CVS2 or Marvel 2.:frowning:


I posted my shizzle in the other thread for lockdown

subscribing to this thing


fun CT, thx justin for hosting and brys mom for driving us there and back. i lost to roger in marvel…w/e

-props to J for beating omni dragon
-roger’s pretty good on his own stick, too bad he brought it:bluu:
-playing marvel on that small monitor without sound is bust
-too bad that naruto game was in jap :bluu:


<Nagata> I hope you’re not “good” like ADrian thought he was good because that was the joke that makes fun of the joke that was his game
<Nagata> he’s terrible at it.
fuck nagata dont talk shit when you cant back it up
i rock ur ass at sauga with NM
and when the fuck did you play me recently?
and i never said it was “my” game
that was a fucken joke with me and jay about ginger
so please dont fucking talk shit for no reason
you dont see me talk shit about ur mvc2 and cvs2 skills


who is this guy??

thx alot justin for hosting CT, GG’s to all, stephen next time ill beat your morrigan


Adrian; I don’t know who you think you were playing but you did NOT beat me in Sauga. The machine was broken on my side, chose Raphael automatically for me and I beat you THREE STRAIGHT before you walked away and I left because the machine was acting up.

The only time you’ve beaten me was at ORBIT sometime last year at a UN I believe and that was all of ONCE, with Nightmare (as you pointed out). Now considering I only took whatever skills I picked up from Soul Calibur on DC and brought it to SC2 (I never bothered to play it at BCC) that’s pretty sad that I can take you down when you play the game regularly and use the best character in the game.

You can talk shit about my Marvel skills all you want. I suck at it. It’s not like I’ve ever said otherwise. CvS2 on the other hand you would be the last person to trash me there. If you think you’re really that great at SC2 I’ll be happy to play you again. Of course if/when I win you’ll never hear the end of it so know what you’re getting into first.


ohhh maaan im totally fucked… I missed 140 classes and now im suspended for a bit, my dad has to meet with the VP on wednesday…Im sooo fucked…


Probably because you’re a fat slutty whore.


:lol: :lol: :lol: Line Of The Day. :lol: :lol: :lol:


I love you too


I dunno, I see “Techrock” all over the high scores in SC2, didn’t see Nagata or something. :lol:


… hahaha


sc2 sux more than cvs2, but not more than svc.

whos going to metro? i need to give u my money for dennis

edit: i say the next ct we have should be a drunk one where everyone gets drunk off their ass, no kronix allowed until after. that way everyone plays like crap :lol:

ps. having ur neighbor ownz0rs up noobs on ur account and getting u free gold/gp while ur not even there ownz!

i also really wana start playing GGXX but no1 ever plays or knows how(besides teddy and jason)…mother f’ers


james if justin is driving to metro ill take yours and J’s money for dennis i gotta pay him too


hi everyone

damn waking up a 5 pm on sunday really screw up ur sleeping pattern.

it 6 am tues morning, and i still not at all sleepy


I am going to metro on Saturday. So who else is going?

I think Matt and Jason are. James says he wants to go. So who else?


i cant go, gotta work


im so fucking tired right now

and i gotta goto work. . . bun that :frowning:


See now THAT right there bugs the hell out of me. No one asked me for a ride to METRO, it was just assumed I would take you. Well FUCK THAT. I don’t appreciate being taken for granted so I’m sure you all can find another means of getting to METRO without me.