Sauga February Thread 2008

I heard there’s a tournament tomorrow. Good luck in the 2 on 2 guys.

yay another month of post whoring!

geez i raped the jan thread.

noodleman 91
DaDesiCanadian 74
DaFlipMastaXV 68
Angelic Diablo 30

Quality not quantity you fucks.

:rolleyes: Why am I even on that list? I don’t post whore, I just overpost. :rolleyes:

Well it’s really shitty outside so I’m going to make my requisite invite for people to come over and play video games all day assuming they’re willing to drive in this insanity.

Quantity >>>>>>>>>>> Quality.


i just grabbed the top 4 of the jan thread that’s all. Angelic Homo doesn’t post whore at all.

JUSTIN, need your UFC knowledge. Friend wants to bet me 1.25:1 on the guy facing Brock Lesnar. goodbet/badbet MSN me quick

who frank mir? i said dunt take it. but i am a noob at ufc.

brock lesner cant lose, id bet on him.

edit: if anyone wants to drive tonight post or let some1 know. im sure we can work out some sort of compensation.

#2: naruto manga manages to stay ultra hype while not really giving you anything…bastards!!

i dont know anyone thats going.

anyone knows ppl in bodyshop? and can get car fixed up cheap?

Sorry about leaving the food there Matt but to be honest it fucked up my stomach so much. Never eating from that place again

haha, baby stomach

I’ll never be able to post whore like you guys…EVERYONE has premium now…even sealhunta


Its all good.


some pretty sick binkage right there.